Day 99

Posted by: | on September 14, 2013

I swear, the game seems to know when I’m feeling terrible considering I loaded it up to another day of pouring rain:

I ended up getting a Space Captain’s Seat from Wishy.

A Silver Slingshot also came to greet me… I ended up catching it right as it reached the top cliff so it landed up there… that was kind of weird. Wish I was quick enough to screenshot it.

Regardless, it was time for a gardening evaluation…
1. The Pine trees sadly didn’t make it.

It kind of stinks that Pine Trees won’t grow usually in the lower part of your town… and is also really stupid when your town is the same height regardless of which half it is.
2. Thankfully, it seems everything else grew in fine.

Random thought moment: Frogs don’t use umbrellas, but I find it interesting that ducks and Octopi do. I can kind of understand the ducks… but not the Octopi.

Anyway, favors were out quite a bit… Flurry asked for fruit, Molly asked me to deliver something to Maple, Maple wanted a River Fish, Diana wanted furniture, and Marina wanted to play Hide and Seek.

I found Molly behind the police station, Marina behind the Windmill, and Julian behind a Palm Tree (which I still think is cheating)… I can’t tell if it took me longer than usual, or if they gave me less time. Has it always been 10 minutes? I swear it’s usually 15…
Coincidentally, I also found Pete behind a tree.

Peanut asked to visit my house… I ended up scheduling her for 10PM since I feel terrible and I doubt I’ll be up much longer or do much else besides check the shops…

But yes, there isn’t too much else to say for today. I just wish I felt better 🙁 If I do, expect a part 2 where maybe I go to the island or something.

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  1. avatar Johnny Boy says:

    You get ten minutes from villagers that aren’t close friends with you. You must be really good friends with Marina to get the fifteen.