Days 223-225

Posted by: | on January 19, 2014

In general, I try to skip the Fish/Bug Tourneys from now on. It may seem odd, but:
1. I have all the fishing/insect set pieces I need.
2. I do not need any trophies
3 (and really the big thing). The villagers won’t talk about anything else. With my constant moving paranoia for this game, this is my big reason–I don’t want to have missed a chance at finding out a move may be happening because they are too busy fishing. If villagers could still ping for those during events (or if move pings could happen regardless if you got pinged recently), it would make things so much better.
4. They ruin my pattern T___T This would be less frustrating if I didn’t have to switch characters to fix it…

Anyway, it was Sunday and I was actually up early, so I ran into Joan.

Even though I wasn’t planning to buy any, I was curious about her prices for today. Considering that price, it’s probably good I’m not buying any today.

Not too much was happening today though. I’d like to work on Dream Suite visiting, but I still have a lot to do. With Animal Crossing, since I will be playing for a long time (Like I said, last dream update I will want to do will be Spring or Summer of 2015), I have a lot of time to take care of things (Although, I wish I could put villagers on permanent residents… would make me panic less). That said, I’d still like to get these badges done ASAP.

Tom was nice and offered to play island games with me for a bit the other day.

Yay for getting closer to the gold medal badge.

Besides that, I actually streetpassed someone last night while at dinner with my family so I was excited to see them in the Plaza today.

Hi person! Even though I don’t need StreetPasses anymore (I have all the badges and items from it), I really love what they did with the feature so I will probably keep it on. Kind of like Nintendogs (though, I can still use some exclusive items from that….).

I really wish you could win one of the Crane Game prizes… or that they were actual items in the game.

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