Dream Village time <3

Posted by: | on December 22, 2013

Dream Address: 4300-3221-7292 – Clue Village

Besides figuring out who did it, I did have fun exploring and checking things out… Who did it, you ask? It was: Amethyst with the Axe…at least at the time I went (which was the day of this entry). Supposedly they will be changing it up so I’d recommend doing it yourself!
The who was pretty easy to find out…It just took a while to find the weapon (or well, not find)… I’m not 100% sure I’m right–mostly as I couldn’t confirm it. I spent longer than it took me to figure out who and what to try and find the Wet Suit and eventually just gave up. I understand not wanting people to find the Marine Suit to lessen people just cheating, but it’s a little frustrating when you’ve finished and just want to check your answers >>

Dream Address: 4600-2650-4256 – Quantico Village

Dream Address: 2700-0204-3412

Her outfit is so cute T~T

Dream Address: 4300-2003-9889 – Forest

That faceboard made me so sad

The Pyramid looks so silly.

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