Posted by: | on October 7, 2013

With so much happening this week, it seems I may be cursed with how things are going–one such thing being my SD Card Slot having issues. More or less, I can not put my SD Card back into it–due to some screw sticking out in the back. I’m not sure why, or how, but now I can’t get my SD Card back in despite having no issues just the other day :/ I regret taking any automatic photos and wish I just waited… I feel like an idiot and just so incredibly frustrated. This also means I can’t check StreetPass (due to the patch) and will be missing the SpotPass house today…

From what I could tell, today was Covet from Latte *. They had a very nice house. Just wish I could’ve seen it for myself and take pictures… but right now, everything is kind of a mess. 🙁

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