How the Goals will work

Posted by: | on July 10, 2013

I’ve been getting a lot of people willing to help so I just want to make sure it’s noted, I’m not done yet! I do appreciate it thought <3 However, I then tend to get a follow-up question of "why list what you don't need"--essentially, the whole site is a checklist for me. I'm a very prepared person--if you looked through my Tumblr and some older posts, you'd see I've been setting things up since last year. Part of why the catalog and goals page had to take so long though as I needed to wait for item translations--along with being able to see pictures of everything. When it comes down to it, the EASIEST way for me to keep track of where I need is to just list everything and check it off--similar to the catalog page. However, I am slightly split on how to organize it. Currently, I am trying to decide if I should just list it out in categories (Furniture, Clothing, etc.) OR if I should do it like the Museum Exhibit page where I just list by room what gets what. If you have any suggestions (or want to give your opinion on which you think I should do), just let me know 🙂 Thank you!

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