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On Happy Home Designer (and future AC titles)

So, after a bit of debate and a very close poll, I’ve decided the best way to do it is to actually post the actual content on my main website. Anything related to New Leaf will still be put here, but due to how differently Happy Home Designer works along with the fact that future games will involve a lot of re-getting items, the best way to do it for easier access and organization purposes is simply to have them on the main site–the coding would need a lot of rework otherwise.

The template page where I will have general statistics and screenshots has already started to be set-up and will be expanded upon as I find out more about the game.

That said, all posts will still be crossposted to the Tumblr blog.

Good news, Bad news

So, I’m happy to say my 3DS is back! So expect pictures again soon 😀

Unfortunately, allergies are incredibly awful this week and I haven’t even had the energy to play (thus, no entry yesterday) as I’m more or less running on empty. If they get better later, I shall hopefully write something up–otherwise later this weekend.

At the very least, I’m sure I’ll play Sunday regardless–I just hope I feel a lot better soon.

For those who wanted pictures…

Some people wanted pictures before voting, so here you are! …Sorry it’s night.

The Sign:

(For reference, the welcome mat:

The Male Faceboard:

The Instrument Center:

(feel free to say which set-up you like more)

…obviously, I don’t have the topiary yet so here is a picture of it:

You can vote here

Wishlist/Goals is done!

Yep, the page is OFFICIALLY complete. Yay!

I’m sorry it took so long 🙁 It’s nice to have it finally done though!

If there are ANY questions about everything–let me know! Everything is mostly US names unless I couldn’t find the names of them which is mostly apparent in the “Misc.” section of Items and the “Edible” and “Toys” sections of Tools, Toys, and Nature.

As for what is most important to me… I mentioned it there, but anything with a * next to it is essentially the most prioritized! Anything with a ~ or ! is VERY low as I am probably planning to get them myself and it’s just there so I don’t forget what I need for it.

Regardless, if anyone wants to help or even try, I am happy just for the thought :3 So yes, thank you for caring! (And I also love catalogging so even if you have nothing you want to give up, if I don’t have it for my catalog yet, I’d be happy to pick it up and drop it back down! :P)

Also, thank you to Eclipsed and Thunderstuck for letting me visit for catalogging! <3

How the Goals will work

I’ve been getting a lot of people willing to help so I just want to make sure it’s noted, I’m not done yet! I do appreciate it thought <3 However, I then tend to get a follow-up question of "why list what you don't need"--essentially, the whole site is a checklist for me. I'm a very prepared person--if you looked through my Tumblr and some older posts, you'd see I've been setting things up since last year. Part of why the catalog and goals page had to take so long though as I needed to wait for item translations--along with being able to see pictures of everything. When it comes down to it, the EASIEST way for me to keep track of where I need is to just list everything and check it off--similar to the catalog page. However, I am slightly split on how to organize it. Currently, I am trying to decide if I should just list it out in categories (Furniture, Clothing, etc.) OR if I should do it like the Museum Exhibit page where I just list by room what gets what. If you have any suggestions (or want to give your opinion on which you think I should do), just let me know 🙂 Thank you!