In which I never want to time travel again

Posted by: | on August 14, 2013

So, sadly, in my attempts to get Frita and some of the other villagers out of Bellton, Peanut is trying to move… nobody has asked in my town so I decided to try and move forward to see. Just so I wouldn’t have to worry about screwing up and it not being the same day anymore.

And I noticed I had a camper.

And I was stupid and I decided to check.

…can I go cry now?

5 Comments  to  In which I never want to time travel again

  1. avatar Jennifer says:

    Oh no! Just pretend you didn’t see her and you got the icky camper that I had today in Kasen: Spork.

    • avatar Jennifer says:

      Doing my best T~T But yeah, this hurts as Marina has been one of my top favorites since her introduction (especially as Marina is actually my favorite name which is a wonderful bonus).

  2. avatar Kris says:

    Ohh that sucks! Do you know of the villager reset trick? Where if you play a new character before you start playing your own established characters for the day, you can scout out where a house will be and who’s in it and reset if you don’t want them? It works for randomizing campers too! I used it to get Pekoe today…
    theres info here
    I know you have 4 characters but if you’re really desperate you could try this until you have your dream town set up!

    • avatar Jennifer says:

      Indeed 🙁

      Yep, I am aware of it and you pretty much answered why I can’t do it. No matter how desperate I get, all my characters have patterns on them, many items on them, and I started working on their houses before the trick was known so it’s not really a simple fix–especially when I don’t time travel other than villager emergencies.

      Not to mention I actually really hate resetting and I used up most of my tolerance for it when I was trying to get a decent map and specific public works.

      • avatar Kris says:

        Awwe thats a shame, yeah I have 3/4 characters filled but I’m waiting to make my fourth character for this reason..
        Resetting is really annoying, its taken me hours to get a decent villager too in situations, but I just completely reset my town so I’m pretty OCD about who lives in it