In which we talk about the things we couldn’t have

Posted by: | on November 3, 2013

As most people know, my town is pretty much done. It’s mostly a waiting game at this point for DLC not out yet with the exception of the Harvest Day items later this month. Even the last Public Work I want I will be unable to unlock for several months and I won’t have the biggest tree until late October next year so it’s just a lot of waiting around. The only thing I can really do now is hope for a Balloon to come back where I want a present and that’s just luck…

But regardless, there’s still things I wish I could’ve done–from my original set-up I had to make smaller to more complicated things like a vertical row of trees. I always like the idea of running through a Path of trees, but sadly, there was no place I could fit such a thing in town that it wouldn’t look odd–the closest would’ve been down from my house–but just like I couldn’t fit the full set-up, I wouldn’t have enough room for trees on each side due to the restrictions.

There are no other long areas besides that–they all have houses that interrupt or come to an end or are surrounded by something (like the Plaza) that just won’t make it happen. And a line on one side kind of ruins the effect. So it’s just something I’ll never be able to do unless the maps get like…magically bigger or something. That’d be neat if they did a Wii U version–transfer your town and the town would be expanded based off it and you could then move things around and stuff and it’d be nice.

But yes, back to some other things…
Some people may recall I really wanted the Beach on the East side. While I still would’ve liked that, I think I’m too used to it on the West now and while there’s a lot I preferred to the East, the Museum looks kind of odd to the West IMO.

I would’ve really liked a Down-Facing Waterfall. I find it’s hard to fish off the sideways ones. But yeah… map issues.

I really wanted a Woodsy area near the Camp Site–but I don’t think there would’ve been anywhere I could do that for it on this map.

I originally wanted the Cafe on the cliffside with the water pump and stuff to the right instead of the left–I think it may look better now though… but I still would’ve liked the Streetlight closer to it over across from it.

As people may remember, I had to get rid of my Instrument Center as the original bridge now counted to the 30 count. Ignoring that I’m still sad about it, there’s actually A LOT of Public Works I’ve wanted so here’s the full list before I did the narrowing down to 30 + original bridge (and then 29 + original bridge :/) of the ones that didn’t make the cut:
Instrument Center
Fairytale Bench
Tire Toy
Bus Stop
Zen Clock
Garbage Can
Round Streetlight
Fairy-tale Streetlight
Zen Streetlight
Balloon Arch
Illuminated Arch
Flower Bed
Illuminated Tree
Tulip Topiary
Square Topiary
Wisteria Trellis
Wind Turbine

If I was able to make a nice Camp Area:
Log Bench
Fire Pit

If I could’ve put stuff on the beach:

So yes, it was very hard to narrow things down 😛

I’d have loved to have more decorative patterns too for various things… but nope, hit the limit on that too

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