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In which we talk about the things we couldn’t have

As most people know, my town is pretty much done. It’s mostly a waiting game at this point for DLC not out yet with the exception of the Harvest Day items later this month. Even the last Public Work I want I will be unable to unlock for several months and I won’t have the biggest tree until late October next year so it’s just a lot of waiting around. The only thing I can really do now is hope for a Balloon to come back where I want a present and that’s just luck…

But regardless, there’s still things I wish I could’ve done–from my original set-up I had to make smaller to more complicated things like a vertical row of trees. I always like the idea of running through a Path of trees, but sadly, there was no place I could fit such a thing in town that it wouldn’t look odd–the closest would’ve been down from my house–but just like I couldn’t fit the full set-up, I wouldn’t have enough room for trees on each side due to the restrictions.

There are no other long areas besides that–they all have houses that interrupt or come to an end or are surrounded by something (like the Plaza) that just won’t make it happen. And a line on one side kind of ruins the effect. So it’s just something I’ll never be able to do unless the maps get like…magically bigger or something. That’d be neat if they did a Wii U version–transfer your town and the town would be expanded based off it and you could then move things around and stuff and it’d be nice.

But yes, back to some other things…
Some people may recall I really wanted the Beach on the East side. While I still would’ve liked that, I think I’m too used to it on the West now and while there’s a lot I preferred to the East, the Museum looks kind of odd to the West IMO.

I would’ve really liked a Down-Facing Waterfall. I find it’s hard to fish off the sideways ones. But yeah… map issues.

I really wanted a Woodsy area near the Camp Site–but I don’t think there would’ve been anywhere I could do that for it on this map.

I originally wanted the Cafe on the cliffside with the water pump and stuff to the right instead of the left–I think it may look better now though… but I still would’ve liked the Streetlight closer to it over across from it.

As people may remember, I had to get rid of my Instrument Center as the original bridge now counted to the 30 count. Ignoring that I’m still sad about it, there’s actually A LOT of Public Works I’ve wanted so here’s the full list before I did the narrowing down to 30 + original bridge (and then 29 + original bridge :/) of the ones that didn’t make the cut:
Instrument Center
Fairytale Bench
Tire Toy
Bus Stop
Zen Clock
Garbage Can
Round Streetlight
Fairy-tale Streetlight
Zen Streetlight
Balloon Arch
Illuminated Arch
Flower Bed
Illuminated Tree
Tulip Topiary
Square Topiary
Wisteria Trellis
Wind Turbine

If I was able to make a nice Camp Area:
Log Bench
Fire Pit

If I could’ve put stuff on the beach:

So yes, it was very hard to narrow things down 😛

I’d have loved to have more decorative patterns too for various things… but nope, hit the limit on that too

Day 47.5

Due to not being able to sleep too long last night, I actually played some minigames before the new day started. I did stop playing before 6AM though as I was hoping to start closer to 9AM as a quicker chance of running into Miranda and getting the Statue Fountain.

In the meantime, I decided to determine what I need to have placed before I get a new villager (*=I have the request):
1. Windmill
2. Geyser
3. Zen Bell
4. Fairy-tale Bridge (will be the FIRST thing I place when Astrid moves) *
5. Bell (second thing) *
6. Picnic Blanket

Thus why I may do Kiki last (even putting Rocco before) unless Phoebe suddenly mentions moving… But for now, I just want the Statue Fountain out of the way… because of time though, maybe I will just focus on Phoebe or Rocco :/ Then Miranda and finally Kiki. …I want that area done though *sighs*

Everything else requires someone to move first…:
1. Fairytale Clock – Phoebe
2. Flower Arch – Phoebe (it might be able to be placed without her moving though)
3. Police Station – Ruby
4. Reset Center (if I decide to build it) – Kyle
5. Water Pump – Kyle
6. Drinking Fountain – Buck

I will have to demolish the sign for the Circle Topiary, but considering I need to wait until April for that, I will hopefully have the villagers I want to keep in by then along with everything else built.

The only things that will not effect placement when placed is the Statue Fountain (I highly doubt any house can be placed there–would be too close to the train station or face board) so I could technically place that whenever… maybe I should save that for last ._. blah, decisions are hard.

Regardless, close to be doing done… 2 Facilities (with 1 still a maybe) and 12 Projects to go (2 of which are requested and one which I can’t get until Weeding Day -_-) so if I am lucky, I can get the 9 requested by early next month… Just need to hope things work well together T~T

The Reset Center should be fine to place later (as any house would be too close to the cliff once the Water Pump is in) so I’ll probably continue to have that as the last thing I place (not counting the Topiary since, well, April)…

…I will not time travel. I will not time travel. I will not time travel. >< If anyone has suggestions on what order you think would be good, let me know? Thanks <3

Day 17

Re-Tail Sign: Carpet
Turnips: AM: 98 Bells | PM: 90 Bells

Yay for mail~ One a surprise and one not so much.

Tammy had sent me a Ranch Tea Table as thanks for her birthday present and the other was the Star Globe that Mark made me order for him.

I went to throw some stuff into my Basement for now to at least get it towards it’s stepping stones. I’ll probably be upgrading it again as I really want to work towards how it’s supposed to look.

Flip had me deliver something to Astrid who had me guess on whether I’d receive anything–I failed (although, I did figure it was clothing–I just was really hoping for furniture). Blah. On the bright side, I found all 4 of my fossils relatively easily.

Anyway, then it was time to celebrate 😀

After the Ceremony, Kyle asked for any Fruit and Ruby asked for an Orchid Mantis… not sure if I will complete the latter, but Kyle gave me an Imperial Shirt as thanks.

I went and paid off my loan to Nook, but I’m going to hold off on seeing him for the next expansion in hopes I can find someone with a Pink Arched Door. I’ll do the expansion a little late.

After finishing at the museum (no new fossils 🙁 But bought some stuff at the Museum shop!), I headed to the HH Showcase. However…there was someone I didn’t recognize before.

It’s Reggie! 😀 Our first Spotpass house.

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So close!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is only a little over a month away–unless you were one of the lucky people to get into the Mayor’s Program in which you’ve probably been playing for about a week and I will envy forever.

Regardless, I’m not as planned as I’d like to be. I still need to work on remaking all these patterns and just have no clue where to begin. Working from a 3D model is hard enough–especially without being able to see where certain lines are formed so I don’t know if I can attempt them until I have the game which is kind of depressing.

I have studied up on the game extensively–I can easily tell if a painting is fake, I know everything I want, best ways to earn money, the kind of map I hope to aim for… I’m ready for it 🙁 So really, the only problem is not having the patterns set to go. Really hate that QR codes are locked. I can’t express that enough. That is probably one of my few complaints.

Despite not updating too much post-wise though, I have been doing the 100 Day Countdown everyday along with updating a few of the sections of the site–most often the art section. I have added some stuff to goals though @-@ Mostly to keep track of the DLC as I don’t expect the guide to update with all that. I hope it at least has the region holiday exclusives–both sold during the holiday period and those given however.

Anyway, I have pre-ordered the guide for Animal Crossing (Both the eGuide and the actual guide)–I wish it was released earlier so I could get the catalog and goal pages up ahead of time, but alas, it can’t be released until June 9th 🙁

Normally I wouldn’t get an eGuide, but I figure that will be a lot more helpful when it comes to updating everything rather than trying to flip through the pages while having the guide in real life will obviously be helpful whenever I’m not at the computer (Of course, I could always bring up the eGuide on my 3DS’ internet browser as well–yay for options!).

Overall though, while I am super excited about the game, several things/people have been getting me down. I want to stay positive and give focused on my excitement for the game, but due to some people along with the pattern problem (seriously, why are they locked T__T), I can’t help but feel a bit depressed about it too. I just wish I had a good pick-me up ._.

Lack of Updates + Plans

You may have noticed this blog not updating much. This is because I decided to put most of my plans on the Tumblr I made so this will mostly just be actual day to day posts.

Regardless, I am working on the pages more now that I have an idea on some of the stuff I want to do :3 You can consider this a bit of a highlight post.

The outfit my character will be wearing (she will have the usual dark brown ponytail and I always get the same face so…):

finishedproduct whitestockingsballetshoes
I haven’t completely decided on what she may wear on her head, but it will most likely switch between the crown and various pink flowers/accessories. She will probably usually be holding a pink bunny balloon.

My house plans:

How I’d like to style the outside of my home

General Map Layout and where I want my house to begin with

My Flag and Town Tune



The Face Boards I will be making:

And the main path for my town:

I also received and commissioned some lovely pictures of my future Animal Crossing character, including the image in the top banner (which is the featured image in this post and you can see the sketch below):

commission2copy tumblr_mfwsy6xiPg1qisptno1_400ete7sytumblr_mg4228zaKk1rtl6zko1_400tumblr_mg558gNlG91r053awo1_1280 tumblr_mgc37jkvHF1r25ouuo1_r2_1280tumblr_mghq36B4sN1rg7udyo2_400tumblr_mfviwhSKap1rvf6o2o1_1280
(By Huffie-Puffie, Junri, BelovedNeighborMine, CandyCrossing, flabbeycrossing, pineappa-zing, and thecrossinglife respectively)

And something I did for myself:

But yes, on to set this blog more 🙂

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