The Random Reel

Posted by: | on August 24, 2013

Random screenshots that usually get taken after I finish an entry or while experimenting randomly.

I noticed Phineas in the Cafe:

I feel like this means if Coffee Making returns in the next game as does badges, maybe there will be one for that. I mean, it IS counted since you get prizes from Brewster.

Aww T~T <3 Random fact time: If you pay attention to people's coffee, you can actually see what milk they prefer. While it's not the same for all special visitors, for all normal villagers whatever amount of milk they like is equal to sugar (so Lots of Milk = 3 Spoonfuls of Sugar). The coffee when in front of a character sitting to drink it is actually darker or lighter depending on the milk and sugar.

Stump Success!:

And finally figured out Labelle–turns out it’s by days and not item so just buying one item every day = fastest/cheapest way.

Now just back to hoping Ruby, Kiki, or Buck will want to move…

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