Today’s the Day!

Posted by: | on June 8, 2013

So, in not too much longer, I will officially be lining up for the event at the Nintendo World Store in New York City. I’m really looking forward to the event as it sounds like a lot of fun–my only regret is I haven’t had a chance to really rest before it.

I may try getting the map I want ahead of time, but I will probably not play much more until I get home so I can stream and record everything. I also won a guide book from The BellTree Forums which I am super excited for.

As for preparations and things, I’ve done a whole slew of memes and surveys over on Tumblr–although, while I have finished them all, I still need to work on the artwork for the New Leaf Art Challenge. The answers are there though at least!

Moving on, I do plan to take pictures of the event 🙂 And will probably have a little “pre-day” entry before the official Day 1 Entry. I’m super excited! <3 I have all but 2 patterns remade too 😀 So I'm pretty much as ready as can be!

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