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Day 179

Today, I mostly spent time furthering my Toy Day research. I know they can give one fact a day and I managed to get some last night… unfortunately, today has not gone nearly as well.

Merengue – Home Appliance
Diana – Colorful Carpet – Kiddie Carpet
Marina – Plants
Maple – Carpet
Peanut – Red Lamp – Polka-dot Lamp
Cookie – Purple Doll – Papa Panda
Molly – Colorful Umbrella – Gelato Umbrella
Marcie – Clothing
Flurry – Doll
Julian – Black Wallpaper – Sleek Wall

Marcie just told me she wanted clothing again… and Maple has been the only one to tell me anything today. Shall have to keep trying though. Will update as I get them to tell me more.

I also planted a few things–most of it grew in too so I’m pretty excited. Hoping the other two things I planted today will grow in as well *PLANNING* 😀 There’s also a Meteor Shower in my town tonight, but I don’t know if I’ll actually be playing for it.

Edit: Got what color Cookie wants! That finishes her gift. Marina sadly just said the same thing she did yesterday like Marcie.

Edit 2: Flurry also wants a doll.

Edit 3: Julian wants Wallpaper which finishes him off.

Edit 4: Peanut wants a lamp which finishes her off.

Edit 5: Merengue wants a Home Appliance. Just Diana and Molly left to get to talk to me today. Then tomorrow, I need to get Marina, Maple, Marcie, Molly, Merengue, and Flurry to give me more information–possibly Diana as well if I am unlucky today 🙁

Edit 6: Molly wants something colorful. Now to just find Diana.

Edit 7: After who knows how long, I finally got Diana to show up in the main village map. She finished off her gift 😀 So yay. Even if I don’t get anymore information from people, I should almost be able to figure out what they want now from the gifts I am given to hand out on Toy Day. Only one I really need more information for now is Molly’s (unless there’s only one Colorful gift left after I hand out the ones I know for sure).

Day 174

Today is the Harvest Festival! As previously mentioned, I’m quite excited–even if Thanksgiving hasn’t been too great for me yet today.

Regardless, I’m doing my best to stay optimistic for the event at least.

First thing I had to get ingredients for was a Mixed Salad. And my plans were of course semi-ruined as apparently the mushrooms in Bellton were sold X__x not a fun mistake to fix.

Regardless, even a balloon was intrigued and came to eat.

And thus, our permanent helping job continued.

Second was Bouillabaisse. The Red Snapper took forever and defeated most of my remaining optimism 🙁 Third was a Pan-Fried Olive Flounder and Fourth was a Coconut Tart.

And thus, DINNER WAS SERVED 😀 Sadly, I failed miserably at getting Milk 🙁 So I still need it. One day I guess… Happy to be done though.

Everything looks so nice together though <3

Day 129

So, today is Explorer’s Day 😀 It is the other NA exclusive holiday and is based off Christopher Columbus Day. Isabelle was in the plaza and gave a lovely Sailboat Model out 😀

So cute <3 As per usual, an awesome faceboard as well!:

Day 127

So, today was pretty eventful! Firstly…


I also made sure to enter my fish…

And then it was onto the award ceremony!

Yeeeees <3

I kind of blew the competition away considering second place was 3.5 inches… Still fun though!

Day 28

Video Log: Twitch Part 1, Twitch Part 2
Re-tail Sign: Fruit Beetle
Turnips: AM: N/A Bells | PM: 90 Bells

Today was the first semi-intentional late start. I’d been skipping sleep a lot so it was nice to actually get some, even if I missed some things. I received the items my mom had me order for her along with presents from some of my villagers. Nothing I cared for, but 2 were items I didn’t have on my catalog so that was nice.

I have a new neighbor moving in–Jeremiah! I don’t care much for him, but he ended up moving RIGHT where Flip was which was really nice.

He’s lazy like Joey so he can also request the Water Pump and Jungle Gym.

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