February, 2014

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Festivale is soon

I didn’t do much today besides chat with my villagers.

They are quite excited about the upcoming holiday 😛

As was the person in my plaza today.

I don’t expect to have too much fun with the event itself (all the random featherness and trading and chance of getting doubles (at least I have everything catalogged), but I know the environment is a lot of fun so I’m still looking forward to it regardless <3

Yay for Spring + Grass

Isabelle is back in her Spring outfit and I had fun running around and enjoying the green-ness. Plus, the Snowman is adorable T~T I’m happy I got to show him Spring!

Final Snowperson of the Season

With Spring hitting Animal Crossing tomorrow (although, it’s still a bit snowy in real life), I decided to make one last Snow Person:

While I’m looking forward to grass returning, I’ll missing seeing snow fall, Auroras, and Snowpeople in general.

But yes, I hope everyone spent some time making a Snowman today–afterall, it’s the last day and who doesn’t wanna build a snowman? (please don’t tell me to go away

Pisces Lamp

Thanks to Chananr, I got to catalog it yesterday 😀 And thus, the basement room in Emi’s house is now done:

Yaaaay <3 As for DLC not out yet... I still plan to have uses for: 1. Aries Rocking Chair - Emi's left room 2. Cancer Table - Basement in Mayor house 3. Hagoita - Basement in Seamstry's house. 4. Kimbap Plate - Main room or basement in Seamstry's house. I'd like to use the Gemini Closet, Libra Scale, and Virgo Harp as well, but not sure if I have anywhere in particular for them to go...

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3 Valentine's Day is one of my favorites in Animal Crossing--even if it's only because I get to have Hot Chocolate at Brewster's (Hot Chocolate > coffee. As is Tea).


I was surprised to find 3 letters in my mailbox.

I received Chocolate Cake from Isabelle, a Chocolate Heart from Julian, and a Spring Shirt from Mom.

I wonder if you could get Hot Chocolate to go if you ordered from the side today…. Probably not, though.