A Year in Review + Peanut’s Birthday

Posted by: | on June 8, 2014

So, I’ve officially been playing Animal Crossing for one year! A year ago today, I picked the game up from Nintendo World 🙂 While I haven’t gotten everything I’d have liked done (Evil gold badges left T__T), I have gotten quite a bit, such as:
-All the villagers I wanted
-Every house done
-A Complete Catalog
-My Town completely done (just waiting for the 500 day tree and can’t really rush that)
-Experienced every event
-Completed Museum

I would say the thing that really ruined playing a lot the most for me was the moving mechanic–both with houses being placed wherever they want and just how often them wanting to move comes up. I think if they had it so you could set for a villager to never want to move and so Nook could show up whenever someone wanted to move in and have you place it would’ve been a lot better 🙁 There were a few other things that bothered me (some by certain players versus a mechanic), but that’s really the #1 thing personally.

Moving on, my bushes were starting to bloom!:

I also had a camper today:

And of course, went over to Peanut’s to celebrate her birthday:

I also did a rare morning Dream Suite update:

Thank you to everyone who has visited!

And finally decided to check out the StreetPasses I have built up since Disney in the Showcase:

As always, some Room Spotlights:

Finally, later tonight, I went to Nammi Town (Dream Address: 2400-2106-4998), the Dream Address featured in the Nintendo Minute that came out recently:

I really like her map T~T

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