Another badge done!

Posted by: | on May 26, 2016

Though… not the one I expected. So, I managed to get to 5,000 bugs and Phineas showed up!:

But he still didn’t give me the fish badge which is… very odd :/ Even if my count was slightly off, I should’ve caught more than enough to make up for it and it shouldn’t have been that far off to not get it. Even now, I’ve caught over 200 more fish and still have yet to get the badge from him which makes me worry it may end up being glitched like my tree was for a while.

If I catch 3,000 fish again and still don’t get it, it’s definitely glitched…but I’m really upset that it has come to this.

At the very least, I definitely accomplished another badge. And one will hopefully really be done soon and then I can fully work on diving.

2 Comments  to  Another badge done!

  1. avatar Jeff says:

    Congrats on the badge! Hopefully he’ll give you the other one soon. These badges can be such a pain!

    • avatar Jennifer says:

      Thank you! 😀

      Definitely! I really wish I knew why it can be so glitchy sometimes. :/