Day 160

Posted by: | on November 14, 2013

So, despite feeling a bit iffy I made sure I’d play today. Although, due to remembering I had to go out this evening, I didn’t get to as much as I’d like to…

Regardless, Redd was in town and he had one of the pieces of art my boyfriend still needed so I picked that up for him. My villagers still seem to be happy living in Pink Sea with no signs of moving, but I trust nothing after the several days long of “I WANT TO MOVE” 😐 So I mostly feel paranoid. Maple did ask me to visit her house though.

I didn’t stay too long, however.

Unfortunately, it seemed I was unlucky today and thus, kept falling on my face…

Regardless, I also managed to get Merengue’s petition for an Official Town Bookmark done.

Seriously though, I really want an Official Town Bookmark…

It was then Dream Village time 😀
Dream Address: 6200-3040-4501 – Pomko Village

Dream Address: 5700-2859-3348 – Andromea Village

Dream Address: 4000-2146-3640 – Culver Village

Dream Address: 4900-2657-5774 – Etsy Village

If I have time and feel up to it, I may do a bonus segment later when I get home <3