Day 174

Posted by: | on November 28, 2013

Today is the Harvest Festival! As previously mentioned, I’m quite excited–even if Thanksgiving hasn’t been too great for me yet today.

Regardless, I’m doing my best to stay optimistic for the event at least.

First thing I had to get ingredients for was a Mixed Salad. And my plans were of course semi-ruined as apparently the mushrooms in Bellton were sold X__x not a fun mistake to fix.

Regardless, even a balloon was intrigued and came to eat.

And thus, our permanent helping job continued.

Second was Bouillabaisse. The Red Snapper took forever and defeated most of my remaining optimism 🙁 Third was a Pan-Fried Olive Flounder and Fourth was a Coconut Tart.

And thus, DINNER WAS SERVED 😀 Sadly, I failed miserably at getting Milk 🙁 So I still need it. One day I guess… Happy to be done though.

Everything looks so nice together though <3

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