Day 200 – Happy Toy Day!

Posted by: | on December 24, 2013

So it is officially Toy Day! 😀 And my 200th Day of playing. Besides a wonderful greeting from Isabelle upon loading up, I also had a letter from Dad:
“Dear sweet Jennifer,
Remember when I dressed
up as Santa to give you your
Toy Day presents?

I always got a kick out of
seeing you smile.
Happy Toy Day! – Dad”

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Also, the music is so pretty T~T
Sounds like the Christmas Toy Day Spirit to me <3

Regardless, I wasn’t able to keep playing long. Thankfully, I got back right as Toy Day began.

Thus, it was off to find Jingle!

After some chatting, it was time to dress up like Santa:

And thus, I was off. First, since his house is right in front of my plaza, Julian!

Next, Flurry.

*whistles innocently*

Then Diana…




(Who loved her gift so much, she changed into it… T___T)




I also gave Molly hers, but apparently her picture didn’t save… T___T Anyway, It was then back to Jingle!:

The Lovely Wreath:

You can also watch a recording of it on Twitch here <3 or just watch the video on Youtube below:

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