Day 34

Posted by: | on July 11, 2013

Video Log: N/A
Re-tail Sign: Goldfish
Turnips: AM: 59 Bells | PM: 55 Bells

So, Tammy is officially gone. Shall be planting a bench in her place. Before I do that though, I made sure to stop by Brewster’s as I knew I could work there soon.


I also noticed Katrina sitting in the Plaza! Hopefully this will be the last time I need her…

And I received another petition from Ruby.

She’s the only one making petitions.


why, Joey. why.

Time for Dr. Shrunk~

Surprise Joke :3

Worked at Brewster’s–went well again. I find it messed up how some villagers ask for their usual when they’ve never even been there before >_> Pete was the special guest of the day. I also received a Siphon from Brewster 😀

With that…it was fortune time. While on Emi, to my surprise, she actually received 10,000 Bells from Mom. That’s…wow. After doing the three characters, I went on mine. It seemed like I may have failed, but as I was leaving…

Yeeeeeeees. Unfortunately, Katrina, it will have to wait until tomorrow as I’m building a metal bench today. Regardless, this does confirm that it’s only Character’s in your town that count towards the 20. It’s still possible to get in one day though if you keep creating a character and deleting them.

Metal bench placed and paid off~

Stopped by the island to pick up the flowers I had left on the island itself since I ran out of box slots. It wasn’t many flowers, but hopefully they help :/ Still not sure what I’ll do when I need to get rid of them all though. Kind of wish you could stack flowers too. Bunches of flowers would be nice. Oh, and the items on the island were still useless.

I then went to my boyfriend’s to get Ruby’s petition signed. She gave me a country guitar as thanks. Literally 2 seconds later, Rocco then bought said guitar from me.

Anyway, that was pretty much it for today. I guess I’ll mention if anything else interesting happens, but I don’t think anything will…


Day 11: Digging up a Fossil

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