Day 5

Posted by: | on June 12, 2013

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Re-Tail Sign: Fireflies
Turnips: AM: 67 Bells | PM: 63

I woke up to rain and mail again today. A letter from Redd with my Scenic Painting and a letter from the HHA as I hit 10K points! I received an HHA Shirt… …I also then realized I think I forgot to tell Nook I paid off my loan–so now I’m 2 days behind in expansionsT__T

Unfortunately, one of my trees did not grow (not surprisingly) so I will have to witch it with a bush or something 🙁 I guess it’ll still look nice? Hopefully…

I then went to visit our new neighbor–Miranda.

And I have Katie today! I brought her over to Mark’s down before continuing with my day.

I decided to help him find his gem rock (as he was having issues) and visit Katrina (since she was in his town today).

After that, it was time for lots and lots of selling.

I also went to the train station to celebrate my new (and very helpful) bridge. So happy I lined it up right!

I then decided to place the campsite public work.

And promptly paid it off. …I really need to get a new axe.

There were no parts I cared about today at Nook’s so I upgraded my house again. 198K this time… Looking forward to paying it off tomorrow.

It was off to the Nookling’s shop now…

I received a ? Block for my fortune today.

I love Digby’s Raincoat. Time to check Streetpass!

Green Balloon 😀

A little sad the garden store isn’t done yet… guess I haven’t planted enough ._. I would think I did with all the trees I planted…

Bumped into Ruby–she had me deliver something to Joey.

On my way, I decided to check my Palm Tree count as I swore I planted enough trees for the Garden Shop… definitely over 30 🙁 And I had 24 Palm Trees so… However, I ended up bumping into Gulliver!

From his clues, I figured he was talking about Kenya… let’s hope I’m right! …Looks like it (I think) 😀 Can’t wait to see what I get in the mail tomorrow!

Upon delivering to Joey, he wanted me to guess what Ruby had given him out of Food, Furniture, Flooring, Wallpaper, and Clothing… I guessed Clothing and ended up being right!

He gave me the shirt as a present.

Unfortunately, after I finally found my fossils and donated the one I didn’t have already, the rain had stopped 🙁 So much for trying for a Coelacanth later.

I then went over to the island to see what they had today as I finished my daily chores (I hope. I’d cry if I forgot something like I did yesterday :/). Still trying to figure out the gardening shop issue…

Chananr brought over some axes though which was nice. These trees just hate me.

While doing some gardening, Rocco also stopped me and gave me a Lattice Wall. So random. I then headed to Mark’s as his island had a Mermaid Dresser and I wanted to buy it.

We also hung out on the island itself–managed to get a few new things to donate and even caught my first Whale Shark!

I still need a Miyama Stag though–which looks ridiculously close to the Saw Stag… So time to continue trying!

Yay~ Got one. And now, time to go home….

…where I didn’t stay long as then I was heading to Selaphi’s as she had the mermaid wallpaper 😛 After buying it, it was time for minigames! As I was getting low on medals.

We also did some stuff outside–I got my first Orchid Mantis :3

After that, it was just a trip back home for me to donate my orchid, save some mail, store my new wallpaper, and sell the few fish I caught @-@

I also sold another beehive so yay 😀

Levashy then invited me over to help figure out which paintings at Redd’s were real.

I determined that only the Perfect Painting was real. I decided to look around the shopping mall… jealous of their garden shop. Still not sure what I did wrong T___T As a thank you for finding the real painting, I was allowed to buy the kimono and turnip dresses. I also bought a Beret. We then decided to do some minigames and thus, were off to the island.

The mermaid shelf was for sale there 😀 So I bought one!

Minigames <3 ...Unfortunately, then we had the Resetti screen T~T Thankfully, my shelf was still in my BOX! Back in my village, I decided to go check out Club Tortimer to see what items they had today. Hopefully I won't run into anyone--considering I can't talk to them :/
Thankfully, I didn’t run into anyone and the Mermaid Screen was for sale! I had just enough to get it. I should probably do some minigames to save up again.

Chananr helped me figure out which of my villagers would suggest the public works I want. I’m almost completely covered–the only issue is the Cube Sculpture which requires a Smug Male Village (the new male villager type) and I do not have one… 🙁 Besides that, one of them is unlocked on Weeding Day which isn’t until April ._. So that’ll be a long wait too. Just need to hope I don’t have any weeds/screw it up because I already have to wait about a year–waiting another year would suck. Anyway, Ruby can unlock 4 (Fairy Tale Bridge, Metal Bench, Heart Illumination Light, Bell), Tammy can unlock 3 (Picnic Basket, Geyser, and Windmill), Kiki can unlock 3 (Fairytale Clock, Flower Arch, Drinking Fountain), Joey can unlock 2 (Water Pump, Jungle Gym), Rocco can unlock 2 (Zen Garden, Zen Bell), Flip can unlock 1 (Instrument Center), and Miranda can unlock 2 (Hot Spring and Statue Fountain). The Statue Fountain is my big priority so I will probably bug Miranda a lot… And will pretty much keep everyone until I get what I need unlocked @-@ Now to just hope I see a smug villager soon!

Besides that, things have been kind of quiet/boring. I could always work on earning more bells, but I really want to try and find a Tarantula and some other bugs before they are gone 🙁 Still having issues with a fly…

I’ve been doing well with balloons though (and I have 3 Balloon Dog lights so far :D)

Rocco wanted some furniture to replace his tapedeck so I gave him a Clownfish.

He was really excited. He gave me a Raven Pole as thanks.

Anyway, I had just finished popping another balloon when Joey stopped me! Apparently he was having a bad dream and I saved him. As thanks well…

OMGOMGOMGIT’S SO CUTE. I have been dying for this item so I’m SO HAPPY I found out what it was–and better yet, by OWNING it! This literally made my night. I’ve been so down due to the touch screen issues (especially as I may need to send it in for repairs sometime this week) that this really lifted my spirits. …I wonder if it’s customizeable.

After much excitement, I went to the island to try and make some money. I really need it afterall… Although, there’s still one beetle giving me issues :/

It escapes even when I’m sneaking and I’m at a loss of what to do… I think it’s either a Golden Stag or Horned Hercules. I don’t know what else I can do if it leaves even when sneaking up on it… actually, it’s both of them since I just saw both and sa;lkf;asllfsa;afs

On the way back to meet up with a friend, I got my first request!

Sorry though, Rocco 🙁 A Brick Bridge isn’t on the list (although, it was–it just didn’t make the cut).

While waiting for a friend, I got a surprise guest–Tammy came back to visit.

…Unfortunately, since my touchscreen is almost completely dead, I can’t say anything 🙁

She wanted to see my house so I did my best to show her the way while being completely mute.

She didn’t stay too long after, but I hope she had fun. Sorry I couldn’t say anything 🙁

…I then got another surprise guest @-@ Duke. …And another, Skcoddam.

Shall have to add them both to best friends once I can click it 🙁

Afterwards, Duke sadly disconnected giving us the Resetti of doom and then Matt invited me over to the island. I was still waiting on one friend, but figured while they are busy, may try and keep myself occupied.

To the island!

Minigames 😀

And catching bugs and fish! We then headed back.

Sometimes I like to make inventory patterns.

I then found out Hans is in Matt’s town so I went to try to stalk meet him and tell him all about Pink Sea and how we’d love to have him so he can request a Cube Sculpture since he is smug and we do not have that kind of villager yet. Unfortunately, I could not find him before it ended 🙁 Matt told me to come back tomorrow for Ed though instead. I will debate on it.

I also donated to Matt’s bridge and finished it off.

At home, I found I had mail! Due to depositing 500K at the Post Office, I received a letter set.

Yaaay. 500K more and I unlock the Piggy Bank! Which I will need quite a few of. I can get 3 more thanks to other characters, but I need to have 8 total so I can have one in each color T~T

I then went back to the island a bit by myself… Trying out Golden Stag and Horned Hercules strategies–still failing. :/ Also want to grab Litchis and Durians from minigames to put on my island. Jessie then invited me to her town so I headed back to my village to go visit her.

She made me realize I really should look into stealing some purple/blue flowers from the island to try and get a Peacock Butterfly.

…I also found out she has Eugene, who is also a smug villager. PLAN STEAL A SMUG VILLAGER CONTINUED.

Then, we were off to the island~

We played some minigames :3 (and stole some flowers)

And then it was time to go back. I now have a lovely area to try and get a Peacock Butterfly.

And I put some White Violets in my house.

Levashy then invited me over to pick up a Mermaid Clock. Yay~ And that was pretty much it for today. I stayed up way longer than I should’ve x-x