Day 67

Posted by: | on August 13, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Shirt
Turnips: AM: 141 Bells | PM: 180 Bells

So, besides having more items I need to trade and give people (And thinking it’s cute how Timmy and Tommy write Timothy and Thomas Nook upon opening the Emporium), Diana was now officially moved in so besides finally updating my map (I may have forgotten to after Flurry moved in >>), I made sure to go greet her.

…I’ve had my fake rock appear here twice in a row now.

I really need to work on flowers :/

Speaking of working on my town, one thing I’m been going back and forth on is if I should keep using water with a border or if I should try and use water without a border. Thus, I went and did a comparison (ignore waterfall–will re-do it later if Option B wins):


Also, I noticed I’ve had over 400 visits to my village through the Dream Suite T~T So Thank you for visiting!

Dropping off a Rook to be refurbished~:

Chananr then invited me over to his Japanese town for Weeding Day 😀

I think I’m enjoying this more for getting closer to getting my weeding badge at this point. Regardless, I got a Tulip Dresser.

Picking up the Rook:

Marcie then invited me to her house.

Since I had to stop for a bit, I scheduled to meet with her at 9.

On my way to check the island, I ran into Gulliver.

He ended up going to Japan. Sadly, I already have the Pagoda. And the island still didn’t have anything I needed.

I managed to make it just on time to my meeting with Marcie despite taking a break for a bit, thankfully.


Rainy also let me over to go shopping and catalogging and Passerby gave me some gifts so thank you both! 😀 So much fun <3

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