Day 7

Posted by: | on June 14, 2013

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Re-Tail Sign: Wharf Roach
Turnips: AM: 107 Bells | PM: 63

Eeee 😀 Exciting news right from the start-up!

I also got my second floor today. It’ll actually be used for the stuff in the main floor, but it’s a bit too small right now…

Umm…excuse me, Mr. Kyle-sir, look, I’m sure you’re REALLY nice, but if you could just…umm… suggest the Cube Sculpture and head off or move your house somewhere else, I’d really really really appreciate it (you can always come back later somewhere different! It’s okay!). I’ll even give you tons of carrot juice!

Oh! It’s raining today. Wonder if that’ll last.

Yaaay. Set my sign’s pattern!

Nook once again had no neat exterior items so time to pay the 300K for my upstairs…

I plan to put most of the furniture in the main room upstairs, but it needs to be bigger first. I decided to add on extra rooms (minus basement) first though so I can at least buy the Castle set-up when it pops up ASAP. My new loan is 348K which is essentially all my money 🙁 blah. Will have to work on earning money today… but have to prepare for the bug hunt too T__T But yeah, house plan is: Left, Top, Right, expand second floor fully, basement, and then expand each room.

The Gardening Shop is so cute~

Hi Leif 😀 I will be buying all your stuff for shiny tools. <3

And Sable and I are becoming friends too so yay 😀

I got a Pinwheel today 😀

My fortune cookie was a dud, but I got a Crane Game! yeeees.

I actually only want very few of the Nintendo Items so I’m not too bummed out if I get a dud. I mostly just want the Nintendo ones to catalog.

So, I can look like I’m from New Zealand? The fruit hats are silly. I think only the Strawberry looks really nice.

Katrina is in my town today 😀 Let’s see if I can get 20 people visiting!

My fortune was flashy bottoms.. anyway, doing it on all my characters for up to 4 fortunes…

Then Skcoddam came over which brought me up to 5 😀

He also gave me a Nurse Uniform and some pink flowers!

Chananr came too–bringing me up to 6!

And Selaphi came as well which made it 7 :3 And then Melissa came to bring it up to 8 ^-^

Thank you all for visiting T~T Up to 9~

Lovely pansy presents <3
Chananr also came with 2 of their other characters so 11 now 😀 and even more pretty flowers! T~T

Thank you for the nice message, Melissa T~T <3

Weimoote then popped over bringing the total to 12! 😀 8 to go~

And then Selaphi and Weimoote each came over on another character to bring it to 14 <3 Carina then came over as well 😀 Up to 15 now!

And then Marjet came :3 Unfortunately, she had a fortune in her town so she couldn’t help 🙁 (I appreciated the thought though!)

My boyfriend then came over and successfully brought us up to 16 😀 So just 4 people to go now!

I then took a quick break for celebrations.

And made the Park Clock :3

Then I reopened my gates <3 Selaphi gave over on another character which brought it up to 17 😀 Blue also came over which brought it up to 18 ^-^
She also dropped off flowers <3 Then my boyfriend came over on another character which makes it 19 😀 JUST ONE TO GO.

And Jessie finished it off <3 Although, I just noticed it stopped raining T__T RAIN IN THE EVENING, GAME.

Unfortunately, it seems I needed to have my fortune told last 🙁 Regardless, it’s all done! So I just need to see her again next time.

Chananr then came over and gave me a Mermaid Sofa! Yay! 😀 I only need the Chair, Wardrobe, and Table and the set will be done :3

And a Pink Zap Helmet!

I decided to put it in the upstairs room for now (it’ll be in the basement eventually)

My boyfriend and I then headed off to the island for some minigames <3

I love going through the Minigame list XD

When we got back, it was raining again! yay! Hopefully that means maybe I will find a Coelacanth.

Unfortunately, my hopes and dreams were then shattered as I realized I can’t even add a friend code if it has any numbers besides 3, 6, and 9. Lovely.

Anyway, we decided to go play on Mark’s island for a bit.

He had the Mermaid Table and Straw Hat~ That made me feel a bit better at least. I also caught some more bugs (Including one I didn’t have yet–a Longhorn Beetle) so yay. Anyway, back to my town to hunt for a Char, Coelacanth, Gar, Tarantula, Fly, and then to the island for more bug training. …or well, not the Tarantula and Fly since they don’t come out during the rain.

Anyway, Jessie came over to hang out for a bit as I continued my hunt for fish (and continued failure).

Rainy also stopped by to give me a Regal Clock 🙂

I also gave her a Perfect Peach to give to Spooky (as a villager went and moved in right on top of her only one).


Chat excerpt:

…and then I proceeded to catch another XXD Yay for having one for the museum though!

I never realized your character actually waves when you close the gates. That’s adorable.

I then remembered I still hadn’t stopped on Club Tortimer so I decided to. They had the Striped Wet Suit which I bought–I like the Pink one more and probably won’t wear it, but I think it’s cute and I do technically need it for my catalog…

There was someone there, but she didn’t say anything. Jealous of her crown though 🙁 still hate that dress however
I caught a Sweetfish and a Banded Dragonfly 😀

Rainy was nice and let me come to her town to sell my turnips. I only sold them for 143, but it was still a profit from the 92 each I bought them with.

Unfortunately, it was raining in my town again–but I guess that made going to the island more of the only option.

On my way to the island, I decided to fish a bit and low and behold… another Coelacanth. They must really like Pink Sea. My boyfriend then came over to try and get a Coelacanth (actually, he made me do it( so I decided to stay and stalk the lake for a Gar. I had no luck finding a Gar for myself, but I got him his Coelacanth and now, I am off to the island.

After very few things really spawning on the island, I headed back…

…only to catch my 5th Coelacanth. I can honestly say I only ever caught one in previous games. I do not know if they are more common in New Leaf or if they just REALLY like my town. I invited Selaphi and Skcoddam over to try since this is kind of insane. While they did that, it was back to Gar finding for me.

Tammy then asked me to get her some new furniture… I gave her an Eel. She gave me a Shanty Wall.

Relaxing on the dock~

Skcoddam got a Coelacanth 😀

Meanwhile, more sharks for me to sell…

Then we headed over to Eclipsed’s town.

After catching some bugs, I went back to donate them and that is it for today… although, the new day starts in like 5 hours…