Day 75 Continued

Posted by: | on August 21, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Golden Stag
Turnips: AM: 110 Bells | PM: 98 Bells

So, after talking to Eclipsed I managed to cheer up a little bit and continue with trying to make the most of it. For the record, it’s very hard. To start, I found a new place to try for a Heart Stump and also a Star Stump.

I had wanted to do the latter for a while, but had yet to think of a place.

While I’m still pretty upset, I guess Cookie is officially now the guard dog to the estate–which is semi-appropriate as I actually wanted to do a doghouse with a dog (who I was debating on making pink) on the right side of the Pink Carpet I have–ended up changing my mind about it though. Guess I still got what I originally wanted afterall. Regardless, I still can’t help but be a bit down and thus, still feeling pretty teary which meant lots of curling into a ball for a while. In the meantime, Imaginos came over to help with my hosting badge since he also needed to work on visiting others more. Eclipsed also stopped by to let me catalog stuff. Thank you both again <3 I did my best with patterns around Cookie's house...but still super upset about this:

Unfortunately, I felt a bit worse upon getting back up just feeling like I can cry at any moment. I’m trying to focus on the bright side, but it’s really really hard.

Thus, I decided to go ahead and do some dream villages (after checking the island for a Mermaid table–no luck sadly and getting some medicine for Kyle) to try and cheer up a bit. Of course, XSplit kept killing itself despite saying it was live… lovely. v-v; So I switched to OBS for a bit.

Dream Address: 7000-2406-0464 – Ratchet Village – I found it interesting how the path was like indented into the ground.

Dream Address: 3800-0119-1848 – They actually have the map I wanted more or less–just the other way.

Dream Address: 2800-0429-5106 – Potato Village

Dream Address: 4300-2123-9138 – Parfait Village

Dream Address: 4900-2189-5702 – Sea Isle Village

Dream Address: 2800-0178-2356

And that was really it for today due to frustrations and blahness.