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[JPN] Nintendo Village – An Update for Splatoon!

So, while the North American Nintendo Village doesn’t update too often, the one in Japan actually updated for Splatoon and in honor of the first and second Splatfests that finished up this month in North America, I thought it’d be fun to do an entry checking it out! They’ll apparently only be around for a limited time so if you’re interested, I’d recommend going sooner rather than later! The dream address is 0000 – 0100 – 0017. Below, you’ll find some of the fun pictures I took!

Those are just some of the cool exterior changes 🙂 Meanwhile, the room upstairs inside the house has been Splatoon-ified as well:

You can get the patterns for the shirts, faceboards, portraits, carpet, and paths all from Wendell 🙂

Finally, while I’m not sure if I’ll try starting up a bunch of Dream Village entries or not (mostly due to what happened in my last entry), if I do, does anyone have preferences on the text blogs like I usually do or videos? And if the latter, would you want talking or no? Let me know!

More StreetPass and playing

So, I recently did some streaming as I wanted to try and not take as many StreetPass House pictures as I did last time:

It thankfully worked as here’s just a few highlights:

I also did one other stream where I played a bit of ACNL before switching to Tomodachi Life for a bit and then switching back.

And I updated my Dream Suite–this will be the last update until Fall when I should have the biggest tree:

Thanks to everyone who has visited! As for why I updated…

Yay for Shamrock green bamboo 😀

If you’d like to visit, my Dream Address is 5100-2140-1457.

Dream Suite Update

My Dream Suite has officially been updated for Spring!

The next updates will be early next month and also late next month. After that, probably not until sometime in June.

Thank you to everyone who has visited! <3

Day 75 Continued

Re-tail Sign: Golden Stag
Turnips: AM: 110 Bells | PM: 98 Bells

So, after talking to Eclipsed I managed to cheer up a little bit and continue with trying to make the most of it. For the record, it’s very hard. To start, I found a new place to try for a Heart Stump and also a Star Stump.

I had wanted to do the latter for a while, but had yet to think of a place.

While I’m still pretty upset, I guess Cookie is officially now the guard dog to the estate–which is semi-appropriate as I actually wanted to do a doghouse with a dog (who I was debating on making pink) on the right side of the Pink Carpet I have–ended up changing my mind about it though. Guess I still got what I originally wanted afterall. Regardless, I still can’t help but be a bit down and thus, still feeling pretty teary which meant lots of curling into a ball for a while. In the meantime, Imaginos came over to help with my hosting badge since he also needed to work on visiting others more. Eclipsed also stopped by to let me catalog stuff. Thank you both again <3

I did my best with patterns around Cookie’s house…but still super upset about this:


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