Day 8

Posted by: | on June 15, 2013

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Re-Tail Sign: Gyroid
Turnips: AM: 57 Bells | PM: 52 Bells

Decided to get up a bit earlier so I could try for a Char [for like 10 minutes] and prepare for the Bug Contest. Besides finding some fossils on my way to the waterfall, I also ran into Phineas 😀

Seems Kyle is awake…

Meanie 🙁 (request cube and go away please)

Unfortunately, since it’s the Bug Hunt, I can’t celebrate the Public Work today… (I CAN WORK IF I WANT TO, ISABELLE) I wouldn’t be surprised if this put the Dream Suite back a day too ._. so tomorrow I guess,

It still looks nice though.

Didn’t realize he was at the plaza already…

It has begun.

Unfortunately, my plan was then smacked in the face as I apparently needed 80 points for the special things rather than just repeatedly beating scores…

Darn it >< I really only want a few pieces (Catepillar Sofa, Honeybee Chest, Firefly Lamp, Mini Butterfly Table (maybe), Ladybug Chair, and Snail Clock)--I preferred the fish series more (just didn't care for the Dab and Olive Flounder tables and Pufferfish TV)... not much of a preference on the wallpaper or flooring for either. Just need to hope I get what I want and maybe I can catalog the rest.

Yeees, hit 80. Now to just hope I have enough to get the set T~T

Yay! One of the items I wanted too 😀

I got a Beetle Chair the next time I broke it. I then received a Spiderweb Clock… And then a Butterfly Wall.

I then ran out of bugs :/ There’s only 2 pieces left (Butterfly Table + Cicada Stereo) in my set, but I don’t know how I’ll beat 124… *sighs*

Eeee! He’s awake!

I shall try and give him something to refurbish as often as I can for the Refurbishing badge.

First thing I brought was the Regal Sofa 😀

Making it pink <3 Should be done about 10:26AM. Have a Regal Clock (although, I may leave that white and gold) and 2 Dog Lamps to do too. I've always thought the eyes are cute, but never cared much for the glasses.
Anyway, while I may not be able to do public works today, I paid off my home loan and then picked the right room… Will be another 348K tomorrow 🙁

I then went to the StreetPass Plaza as I streetpassed my boyfriend again, unsurprisingly…

Blue Bunny Balloon today! I wish it was pink, but still adorable.

The finished pink Regal Sofa 😀

Gave him a Balloon Dog Lamp to make pink next. Have one more for him to customize and then 3 more to get! Should be done at about 11AM.

Checked out the island–nothing good. Hotaru then came to visit.

I don’t understand why everyone likes to hit me with a net 🙁

Got my Pink Balloon-Lamp~

Next I’m doing Gray (Which I thought was White but whatever) 😀 Should be done at 11:43AM~

Checking out the tent.

Next, I stopped by Club Tortimer to check for items.

There wasn’t really anything, but I picked up the Cabana Armchair.

I then headed back quickly before someone could join… I know I can’t speak to them so 🙁 Don’t want to make anyone feel I’m ignoring them.

Then, it was off to the normal island to play some minigames. May stop back on Club Tortimer if there isn’t a similar selection… just need to hope I don’t meet someone then.

I got to play the matching game for the first time which was cool. The only annoying thing is I kept missing the holes and then I’d dig more holes and bleh. I can’t even win the last one because I keep missing 🙁 Doesn’t matter how good my memory is if I have to click through on how I don’t want to bury it and re-aim.

I then went back and picked up my White Balloon Dog Lamp.

I had him a Baby Bear to do next. I decided to start from the top so I don’t lose track and picked Violet Marble. I’m out of stuff for him to do after that…or well, stuff I’d want him to do anyway. I still need K.K. Ballad for the music box and I think the Regal Clock looks better as is…and I’m out of extra teddy bears and dog lamps. I really need to find a better guide :/ It should be done at 1:22PM, but I decided to take a break for a bit.

After napping, it was back to playing.

To my surprise, I had mail. I had apparently hit 20K which me an HHA Pennant:

Tested in my future Kitchen. I never cared for this item. On the brightside, the items I want should come next. I just really hope I can hit 150K.

To my surprise, I was still winning at 5:30PM.

I didn’t feel that secure though and headed to the island after picking up my teddy bear.

Eeee! I caught my first (and probably only) Golden Stag!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t beat the record of 124… Though, apparently nobody else could either.

The award ceremony is adorable. I love the music–it seems like the music from the gates in the previous two games and I enjoyed that theme so I’m glad it’s back in some way.

Sorry to say I probably won’t do as well… I need the Silver and Bronze trophies now.

Yeeees! Flip requested the Instrument Shelter. One of the items I wanted 😀 It was also the only item he could request that I wanted so Flip can move out now. Maybe a Smug village will come and then I can try and get Kyle to leave.

I can’t build it just yet (I have some other stuff that needs to go down first), but I’m so excited!

Let Jessie come over to pick up some fruit. She gave me a Red Pikmin hat and let me catalog her Snail Clock. Hopefully I get one to keep soon–really want it, a Caterpillar sofa (although, my mother just told me I can have hers), a Ladybug Chair, and a Butterfly Table. I also need the Cicada Player, but just to catalog.

I love the noises some stuff makes XD

So, I got a lovely invite to go over to someone’s town for Weeding Day 😀

I accepted immediately and while it’s a bit unorthodox (having to use my boyfriend’s 3DS as I can’t add anyone now), they were very nice about it and I’m just really excited.

She put down a bunch of gifts for all of us! Thank you again! <3

I hate talking with the stylus, but it’s nice to be able to thank people. I can’t thank some people enough.

My cute little nameplate.

It was actually kind of hard! Although, maybe it was because that one person was picking waaaay more than they needed to. I also sadly didn’t get any 4-leaf clovers T~T

Doing my best~

I got the Flower Bouquet 😀 So pretty! It, the Lily Phonograph, and Rose Chair were my favorites so I’m pretty thrilled.

We then got to go shop for a bit :3

She then went to change the time so we could go to Club 515 😀 In the meantime, I checked out my lovely new flower bouquet.

Club 515 is obviously not much different on the inside, but I still enjoyed myself!

And got to do a little more shopping too <3 I got some really nice stuff (Like a Phonograph and Lovely Wallpaper) and I had so much fun! Thank you again!


Dandelion Puff <3 More and more people are calling me Honeybun 🙁 Can't you use Princess? T__T
…but aren’t you a duck? T__T

Remembered I had something else he could refurbish! He will be making the map Sepia <3 Should be done at about 9:30PM EST. Wish I could find an English guide with pictures 🙁 Also, continued failure to find a char ._. Rocco just suddenly gave me a handcart @-@ And while spamming Ruby to try and get her to suggest a Fairytale Bridge, she gave me an Explorer Shirt. Kyle got me excited when he did his ! thing... but he just wanted a new greeting 🙁
…That moment when you remember your touchscreen is broken.

Thanks to Blue, I got a rotten perfect peach and was able to get ants! And it finally got the fly to come out so yeeeeeeees. So happy to have those done!

My Lovely Sepia map 😀

I really like the older feel it has. It’ll be going in my trophy room.

Another false-excitement. Ruby wanted a new catchphrase… yes, it is as pathetic as Kyle’s new greeting.

I saw a Tarantula… but I was struck with fear and just stared at it. Darn it XD I should’ve at least tried to catch it.

Picking up the Caterpillar Sofa from my mom’s town 😀

Doing some Gardening… Note to self: Top most is a Red Hibiscus–bottommost is a Pink Hydrangea. I need so many Pink Hydrangea bushes.

While Gardening, I also saw another Balloon go by and it had a Balloon Dog Lamp so yay 😀 Just 2 to go!

Hi Train.

Rocco sold me a Quaint Painting. It was real so yay~

And then I was GOING to head to bed…but Matt invited me to the island for a little bit so I decided to do that first because I don’t know if I’ll be able to play online at all while I’m upstate so yeah.

Waiting on the dock 😀

House Party~

So rainy @-@ Was a fun minigame though even if it was hard.

And that shall be it for today~