Day 89

Posted by: | on September 4, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Emperor Butterfly
Turnips: AM: 146 Bells | PM: 508 Bells

The frustrating thing about flowers is it’s very “all or nothing”–between Animals planting random flowers and the X’s showing up (which are very hard to see when surrounded by flowers), it’s something you really should take care of in a day. Obviously, I hate myself for not keeping this in mind because this is super frustrating and I knew about it and I should’ve just stayed up all night T__T

Moving on, Rainy ended up getting some more things for me to catalog so I stopped by her house before she had to head to work 😀

Ruby’s sick :/ So I brought her some medicine.

Due to the fact that I had a high afternoon Bell price for the first time, I let some friends know so they could come over and sell 🙂 It also started raining–which wasn’t too surprising after the ominous fog rolled in…

Anyway, after turnip sales, I then went to the island with Professor Gallows, Jas0n, and Kayla.

It was much fun. I would’ve liked to record it, but XSplit was being stupid again T__T Regardless, we even managed to get Gold on the Master Labyrinth!

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