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We never have to do island tours again!

So, I was apparently a lot closer to the gold island badge than I thought as after playing the Elite Scavenger Hunt for a while on Club Tortimer and heading back to Pink Sea… well…

I’m so happy! This has just made me feel I’m so much closer to all of them… except probably Diving. Hopefully we can get all of them soon!

And don’t worry if you filled out the form about Island Tours–when I finish, I might still do some celebratory and even just bring a few select people to my own town. Now I just don’t need to for the badge now so we can even focus on just having fun 🙂

But for now… I’m so happy I am done with Island tours. Just catching lots of bug, fish, and diving creatures left!

Day 99.5

So, I managed to feel a bit better later on afterall and ended up visiting Andy and playing with River and Justin at the island. And of course, streamed the island games too.

It was a lot of fun <3 ...of course, as soon as it ended I received some awful news and that was really it for today... The rainy-ness in my town becomes even more fitting I suppose. Jessie came over to help landscape again, a bit, but I don't think my heart was into it.

Day 89

Re-tail Sign: Emperor Butterfly
Turnips: AM: 146 Bells | PM: 508 Bells

The frustrating thing about flowers is it’s very “all or nothing”–between Animals planting random flowers and the X’s showing up (which are very hard to see when surrounded by flowers), it’s something you really should take care of in a day. Obviously, I hate myself for not keeping this in mind because this is super frustrating and I knew about it and I should’ve just stayed up all night T__T

Moving on, Rainy ended up getting some more things for me to catalog so I stopped by her house before she had to head to work 😀

Ruby’s sick :/ So I brought her some medicine.

Due to the fact that I had a high afternoon Bell price for the first time, I let some friends know so they could come over and sell 🙂 It also started raining–which wasn’t too surprising after the ominous fog rolled in…

Anyway, after turnip sales, I then went to the island with Professor Gallows, Jas0n, and Kayla.

It was much fun. I would’ve liked to record it, but XSplit was being stupid again T__T Regardless, we even managed to get Gold on the Master Labyrinth!

Day 64

Video Log: Twitch Part 1, Twitch Part 2
Re-tail Sign: Coral
Turnips: AM: 49 Bells | PM: 45 Bells

Today was mostly a storage clear-out day. I had some gifts to give and just really need to be organized better x-x I also noticed Redd was in town.

While I don’t need anymore paintings/statues, my boyfriend still does so I’ll have a check when he opens up.

Since shops hadn’t opened yet, I worked on getting some of the things for the basement in Emi’s room. I really need to get the rest of the Mermaid tables before I catch more though :/ Besides that, apparently Jeremiah is planning to move, but I haven’t gotten a ping from him…

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Day 63

Re-tail Sign: Giant Stag
Turnips: AM: 57 Bells | PM: 54 Bells

So, today actually started by Zed bringing me over for weeding day with Rainy and Nami.

Much fun <3 I got a Lily Lamp 😀

We had silly photo ops :3

And then went to the island for minigames!

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