Item limit troubles in Animal Crossing

Posted by: | on July 6, 2013

So, a small rant from me. Ignoring my frustrations with getting villagers to request things or the new flower breeding system, or the fact that animals can put their houses ANYWHERE and you can do nothing about it despite being mayor…

I recently hit the limit in the Kitchen ironically. It was not where I expected to hit it at all, but my guess is because of the wall items that the limit was hit.

The limit in this game is 48–28 more than City Folk and Wild World (THANK GOD), but less than the unlimited of the Gamecube. I never understood why an item limit was added. It’s always been somewhat frustrating to me as one thing I’ve been good at is squeezing as much as I can while still making it work–possibly due to how much of a packrat I am in real life.

While 48/64 items isn’t so bad for the main floor (Giving you 16 spaces for walking), it’s when you add in the roughly 24 items on the wall that it becomes an issue because then that’s 48/88 which while still more than half–it’s only just barely more than half and I don’t need that much walking space.

I’ve seen people who want to make fancy music rooms with all the K.K. Record Art around the walls and they can’t.

Main Room: 38-39 Items. Planning at least one more.

Trophy Room: 38 Items. Planning at least 10 items (Silver, Bronze Bug Trophy, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Fish Trophy, Treasure Chest, Gold Roses, Jacob’s Ladder, Gorgeous Chair, Rococo Dresser, Gold Model Home)… I’m sure I’m missing stuff and that is already over 10.

Teddy Bear Room: 43 Items. Possibly a few wall items are planned? I’d love to put more, but I don’t even have a floor anymore.

Kitchen: 46 Items. I already know I was hoping to add way more than 2 more :/ Especially considering how many I had to remove.

Mermaid Room: 42 Items. Possibly 1-2 more things.

Bedroom ~40 Items. One item I still want to add.

Now, according to the list, the KITCHEN is the closest to being full. And looking at the rooms, I’m pretty sure most people can agree it doesn’t -look- the fullest.

Just…ugh. I hate having creativity stunted like this :/ I don’t understand the limits to be honest. If the GAMECUBE game didn’t need any, why now?!

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