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Day 90.5

So, Jeremy decided to do some of the videos he was supposed to be doing today so he, Andy, and Sockhead were invited to my town 🙂 Before I opened up, I also updated my Dream Village–the town is obviously still a bit of a WIP (which is why I was putting off updating), but since it’s being recorded, figured might as well.

To my surprise, I’m up to 595 visitors! Thank you all T~T

Anyway, here’s my side of the video and a fully edited video (with voice) will be posted (or added here) later:

And a lovely screenshot of us all!:

Day 22.5

So, Matt wanted to make a video about a Snail, but had no bushes in his town at the moment, thus I invited him over! I now bring you… how to catch a Snail. (and yes, I actually speak! Although, Matt does most of the talking)

Blooper Video

Was fun <3