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Development of Pink Sea Series

So, as many people may remember I streamed A LOT when the game first came out with my everyday work on the town and then would also update here with the day by day stuff. A lot of people have wanted to see the videos though and so I decided to finally upload them (I originally wanted to do a lot of editing to help cut the time down, but oh well). If you’re interested, the whole thing has been uploading to Youtube and is even in a fancy playlist:

As a reminder, all Happy Home Designer stuff and future AC will be on my main website

Day 90.5

So, Jeremy decided to do some of the videos he was supposed to be doing today so he, Andy, and Sockhead were invited to my town 🙂 Before I opened up, I also updated my Dream Village–the town is obviously still a bit of a WIP (which is why I was putting off updating), but since it’s being recorded, figured might as well.

To my surprise, I’m up to 595 visitors! Thank you all T~T

Anyway, here’s my side of the video and a fully edited video (with voice) will be posted (or added here) later:

And a lovely screenshot of us all!:

Day 22.5

So, Matt wanted to make a video about a Snail, but had no bushes in his town at the moment, thus I invited him over! I now bring you… how to catch a Snail. (and yes, I actually speak! Although, Matt does most of the talking)

Blooper Video

Was fun <3