Day 13

Posted by: | on June 21, 2013

Re-Tail Sign: Pants
Turnips: AM: Despite playing, I actually completely forgot to check… | PM: 113 Bells

So, I was greeted with some good news right from the start screen again.

Yay for the next Nookling shop~

There was also a lovely bulletin board to celebrate along with something else exciting…

Yay for the next event 😀

It’s raining in town today. The 7AM music during the rain is really pretty–although, I think most of the music during the rain is nice.

I stopped by Zed’s to pick up the music he got me. He ended up ordering all the music I needed for my main house plus the song for the music box! Thank you Zed!

I have 3/6 Players–just missing the Jukebox, Sweets Player, and Lily Player/Phonograph/etc. I did get another Phonograph to use temporarily until I get the Lily Player though. I may do similar with the Tape Deck until I get a Jukebox. At least there’s a chance I’ll see the Jukebox, and I’ll be able to get the Sweets Player from Gracie next season, not sure when/how I will get the Lily Player until 2 years from now :/ (Next Weeding Day = April which I need to have no weeds for as I need him to request the topiaries since I want to build one of them so can’t try until the Weeding Day after that…heck, it’s probably better to say never as even seeing one weed is like instant MUSTPULL for me) So jealous of people who have them T__T

Still frustrated about our new villager… At least I won’t be seeing anyone else unless I invite a camper. Let’s hope I dislike all of them :/

It then dawned on me while waiting for Re-Tail to open up that the new Nookling store should be opened due to their crazy hours.

I was right 😛 While I wanted to shop, I really didn’t have room right now so I decided I’d stop back later. Kicks is still under construction…

Re-Tail was now open thankfully so I sold off stuff.

Eeee <3 I can't wait for my music box. SO HAPPY FOR THE CATALOG 😀
Must order lots from it later. It’ll also help with putting my catalog checklist together on the site.

So, Ruby invited me to her house at 10AM and Katrina is in my town today…

My lucky item was a Hat for good luck in Friendship. Yay. Despite getting 20 fortunes last time though, she didn’t tell me anything about setting up a shop :/ Odd… I wonder if there’s another requirement. Or if it’s a misunderstanding again–maybe it’s 20 fortunes in your town with only -your- characters. If I didn’t have all 4 already set, I could delete and test it but bleh. If that’s true, then I still need 3 more visits from Katrina…

I now have all the rooms so I’m moving some stuff around… Can’t do too much until I get the 2nd floor expanded though… I really need the space, however, so this should be nice T~T On the right side, I also got greeted with mail of the items I ordered from the Happy Home Showcase. Looking forward to refurbishing later. Unfortunately, not everything got moved around and I realized I didn’t have a Fancy Carpet yet when I thought I did 🙁 *sighs* Thankfully, Blue went and ordered me one.

I then headed over to Ruby’s house for our meeting.

She even let me buy one of her items. I tried the moon first, but she said no to that… I couldn’t ask for the wallpaper or flooring either… so I went and picked the Gyroid since you can’t buy those.

I then took my leave not too long after.

Sold some stuff to Reese and picked up my music box~

Also gave Cyrus another Baby Bear. He is making this one in Stripe.

It was then off to Nook’s Homes. As per usual, no exterior stuff for me so I went and paid off my loan.

Getting the 2nd floor expanded… Now watch someone have something I need again. :/

Got a Mannequin from Sable @-@

Ugh, I need to unlock things faster. I really have no room right now :/

On my way to Re-Tail to pick up my next teddy bear, Miranda wanted to see my house again… so she’s coming at 11:30AM.

I then picked up my lovely new Baby Bear and gave him another to make it Flower Print 😀

Then, it was time for the “Wait and pray for Requests” game since I had nothing to do until 11:30AM otherwise.

It also hit me that since it is raining and I actually can for once at the moment, I put on my umbrella too. Random thought of the entry: I mentioned this on Tumblr before, but I really wish there was a customization to your town tree once it’s fully grown–like making it so it’s always a certain season for the tree or changing the bricks around it or being able to build a well/wishing fountain into it like the Gamecube game. I think that’d be cute. Speaking of random thoughts, I also wrote my review up two days ago (short version: game is awesome and huge improvements over its predecessors.

Anyway, it had gotten close to 11:30 so I started to head towards my house–the rain had also stopped. I ran into Rocco and Astrid. The former wanted to buy a shirt of mine… I said no. Astrid wanted a new greeting, I told her no. Please just leave, Astrid ._. (and Ruby, request the bridge already)

So now it’s just waiting at my house for Miranda to visit…

She once again wanted to see all the rooms…

Then went back to hope for requests.
1. Rocco asked for me to catch a bug that doesn’t even come out until next month so I said no.
2. Ruby asked for some new furniture. I gave her a White Butterfly and she gave me a Potbelly Stove.

Stopped by Re-Tail to pick up my Flower Baby Bear.

Then proceeded to give him the last Baby Bear to customize. This one will be Pink Leopard. Now all the Baby Bears are done 😀

And now, back to waiting
Sadly I just had the lamp today–I did have some new tours though so I will probably do them later today when I have more freetime. Anyway, before heading back to the waiting game, I decided to check the catalog… why aren’t paintings/statues in it? T____T
It also started raining again so I resummoned my umbrella.

Joey wanted an orange.

He gave me a Sleek Lamp as thanks.

Kiki asked me to get her a Stag Beetle. Shall try and get one this evening for her.

Picked up my final Baby bear~ Will probably order the 5 Mama Bears and 5 Papa Bears next… Although, maybe I will wait until I have the room fully upgraded first…

Rocco then surprised me with a Sky Wall @-@ He gives me so many things… I wonder if maybe I should keep him instead of going for Gala…

I then took a pause to see how much I’ve been playing…
PlayTime: 181:20
Times Played: 76
Average Playtime: 2:23
So…that’s quite a bit for 13 days.
^Stats as of June 20th, 2013 at 2:53PM EST. Just 18:40 to go for the silver badge! XD

In the brief time I did that, the rain had stopped again. Joey invited me to visit him at 4PM. I really would like if they would request Public Works already T~T

Ruby gave me the Speed Bag I gave her a while back… Really had my hopes up for a Public Work request 🙁

Tammy had me give her a new greeting…
My little thing popped up on ACUKE a little while ago and it’s so cute T~T So I wanted to save it >> Speaking of a ACUKE, you can now vote! (I’m Jennifer H.) If you’d like to see my answers, you can find them all here.

But yes! Time to visit Joey~ And it’s raining again.

He let me buy something so I bought his backyard pool. I’ve been wanting one for a while so yay. I didn’t stay too much longer.

Feeling frustrated with requests, I decided to purchase the Mama and Papa Bears I needed afterall. Expect me to be crying about lack of room soon
…I may be getting desperate at this point.

After who knows how long, I gave up. I did notice I had a full box of mail though upon loading the game up. However, I decided to check it later as I had a stop to make…

Hanabi had turnip prices at 518 bells so I made a quick stop to sell my turnips.

Yay for making a profit~

I would’ve loved to hang out more, but I think my mother’s going to kill me if I don’t open my gates up so she can bring over Katie.

I’ll probably have Katie again soon now.

Anyway, after my mother left (she wanted to catch a Coelacanth first :P), I took a Papa Bear to Cyrus.

I picked Pink Marble.

Then, it was off to Club Tortimer to check the items and then I was going to do tours on my island.

There was a Mermaid Table at Club Tortimer so nothing I needed… Quickly left before anyone arrived.

Onto my island to play minigames! I got about 14,300 in the Market-Price-Bug Tour. Better than I expected. I did the Evening Firefly tour next–Caught 9 @-@.

I then paused for a bit to stop at Matt’s town. He wanted me to take a picture of his map plus let me catalog some things.


Eeee <3 Next one will be Red Tartan <3

Then, it was my favorite thing to do… DREAM SUITE TIME 😀 (Video Log)
Dream Address: 3200-0983-4789 – Pokemon-themed Village

Dream Address: 2700-1015-3427 – Beautiful town. So jealous of their villager placement. 🙁 I wonder if my town will look even close to this nice at some point… I feel like I did a horrible job with placement after seeing this.

I was actually going to do a random one for this next one, but Luna kept saying my connection was unstable… Yet I never got disconnected from the best friends thing, the last two worked fine, and I am not having any issues right now… I had no issue typing in another Dream Address–just with asking Luna to pick. So weird. Anyway… Dream Address: 3700 – 0118 – 1600

Dream Address: 3800-0514-2021

Then went and picked up my next Papa Bear before Re-Tail closed.

Next is going to be Blue stripe. Won’t be able to get it until they open tomorrow though… Guess I should try and find a good way to organize my inventory now. And on the way to the dock to go back to the island to finish up minigames, Ruby gave me a Blue Tie-dye Tank. The next 4 minigames are all diving tours so I may lose the feeling in my fingers 😛 Not to mention the spawn rate is awful…

So, let’s see…
1. Amateurs’ Free-Diving Tour – 7 – Gold
2. Crab Free-Diving Tour – 3 – Bronze

3. Seafood Free-Diving Tour – 6 – Bronze

4. Pro Free-Diving Tour…or not. It hit midnight just as I finished the last one so it switched 🙁 Nothing new this time, but the Scavenger Tour is back so I may do that for medal grinding later…

When I have all the items I really want, I’ll probably start buying up everything on the island for catalog purposes… And with my horrible lack of skill, that shall be it for today!