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Day 58

Video Log: Twitch (Partial)
Re-tail Sign: Clown fish
Turnips: Joan was selling turnips today. Didn’t check for how much

So, today “started” with me having nightmares about house placements. THIS SHOULD NOT BE SOMETHING NIGHTMARES SHOULD HAVE TO BE ABOUT. Thankfully, it seems Julian didn’t park too badly.


This is also the first Sunday for Fireworks.

I submitted some designs so I’m looking forward to seeing how they look in the show.

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I finally made a signature for the Belltree Forums.
I think I may do versions of it for other AC forums I go to as well… @-@

Day 13

Re-Tail Sign: Pants
Turnips: AM: Despite playing, I actually completely forgot to check… | PM: 113 Bells

So, I was greeted with some good news right from the start screen again.

Yay for the next Nookling shop~

There was also a lovely bulletin board to celebrate along with something else exciting…

Yay for the next event 😀

It’s raining in town today. The 7AM music during the rain is really pretty–although, I think most of the music during the rain is nice.

I stopped by Zed’s to pick up the music he got me. He ended up ordering all the music I needed for my main house plus the song for the music box! Thank you Zed!

I have 3/6 Players–just missing the Jukebox, Sweets Player, and Lily Player/Phonograph/etc. I did get another Phonograph to use temporarily until I get the Lily Player though. I may do similar with the Tape Deck until I get a Jukebox. At least there’s a chance I’ll see the Jukebox, and I’ll be able to get the Sweets Player from Gracie next season, not sure when/how I will get the Lily Player until 2 years from now :/ (Next Weeding Day = April which I need to have no weeds for as I need him to request the topiaries since I want to build one of them so can’t try until the Weeding Day after that…heck, it’s probably better to say never as even seeing one weed is like instant MUSTPULL for me) So jealous of people who have them T__T

Still frustrated about our new villager… At least I won’t be seeing anyone else unless I invite a camper. Let’s hope I dislike all of them :/

It then dawned on me while waiting for Re-Tail to open up that the new Nookling store should be opened due to their crazy hours.

I was right 😛 While I wanted to shop, I really didn’t have room right now so I decided I’d stop back later. Kicks is still under construction…

Re-Tail was now open thankfully so I sold off stuff.

Eeee <3 I can’t wait for my music box.


Must order lots from it later. It’ll also help with putting my catalog checklist together on the site.

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