Day 15

Posted by: | on June 22, 2013

Video Log: Twitch Part 1, Twitch Part 2
Re-Tail Sign: Cowrie Shell
Turnips: AM: 159 Bells | PM: 145 Bells

In contrast to yesterday’s bright blue sky, it is raining in Pink Sea today. It looks like 223 was my highest price, but that’s okay. Happy I sold them at Hanabi then~ Anyway, I received mail from Rocco and Katie. Got Ranch flooring from the former and a Digital Photo Frame from the latter.

For some reason, I am having an awful time with breeding Pink Lilies… I still have just my 3 on the beach 🙁

Anyway, since I made the Hot Spring before 6AM, it was completed today! I really should try talking to her after midnight to see if I can build 2 Public Works then… or at least definitely checking if it’s a holiday the day before.

Kiki then randomly gave me a Folk Shirt…was really hoping for a new Public Work request as there isn’t anything else I can make right now 🙁

I then headed to the museum to get my fossils looked at and well…

SECOND FLOOR BEING MADE 😀 And I promptly paid it off too <3 I also noticed I had Saharah today.

On my way to my house with her, I noticed Katie over. Shall have to take her over to someone’s town later.

The stuff I ordered had arrived as well so time for Polar Bear remaking today!

Anyway, after…lots of mail, I finally brought Saharah in to remodel.

I feel I should worry abut the sounds and shaking though. I received the Backgammon Wall and Diner Tile.

Joey tried to get me to trade a Lotus Lamp for his Donut Stool… I thought about it (due to some of the customizations), but I’d rather my lotus lamps right now. Anyway, bringing the Mama Polar Bear in…

It will be Pink Striped <3 So, I visited Nook's to get my loan amount and check out his stock...
PINK WALL 😀 I immediately bought it. I then went and paid off my loan. I REALLY hope I can find someone on my list with the Pink Arched Door and Pink Roof (Quick tip: They actually have pink in the name–Fairytale Door and Fuchsia Roof are different items) so I can never have to upgrade on her again exterior-wise as I just need the space so desperately. Edit: Thanks to Junri, I got the Pink Roof! Just Arched Pink Door to go.

Random note: Katie’s “Yeeees!” when you use the megaphone is adorable.

“Of course I remember you, Katie!”

I really love Katie in this game, actually. She kind of reminds me of when I was little–I always begged my parents to travel. I brought her over to Jessie’s town.

Picked up my first Mama Polar Bear.

I picked the Collared Shirt for the next one.

Then, I received a few visitors 😀 My boyfriend brought over the Stately Wall, a Fireplace from Skcoddam, and Hibiscus Hairpin from Eclipsed.

Thank you all! <3 Thanks to lots of people, the bedroom is almost done!
Missing items are the Lily Record Player (to replace the Phonograph), Rococo Lamp (I’ll probably order a Lovely Minitable or whatever it’s called to put it on), Pink Bunny Balloon, Pink Heart Balloon, White Marshmallow Chair, Princess Cage, 4-Leaf Clover, Lovely Doll, and Pink Marshmallow Chair. Maybe some possible paintings or things as Wall Accessories (Like the Spring Blossoms Cover Art), but nothing too big. Also maybe one of those Wooden dolls. I’d probably use the Tea Set (from the Europe DLC) if I ever got one in either the Kitchen, Bedroom, or Main Room.

Kiki wanted any fruit so I gave her a Peach. She gave me a Green Tie-dye Tee as thanks. Kyle wanted furniture so I gave him a Pale Chub.

Kyle, please stop winning me over 🙁 Your house is in a terrible place (and if your fish is a boy, do not name him after me!) He gave me a stripe dresser as thanks.

DARN IT RUBY. I was so excited and then you had to end with “Metal Bench” T__T On the bright side, I do WANT to build one! Not sure if I can place it well though with Tammy in the way :/ But yay for unlocking a Public Work I want at least.

I then picked up my next Mama Polar Bear and gave Cyrus another to customize. Fluffy Jacket was next :3

Then, it was off to check the island! I decided to check Club Tortimer first–as it is, I forgot to yesterday.

I really wish there was a way to avoid tans without changing your outfit–I really like how she looks :/ It’d be less annoying if her ponytail didn’t get covered due to hats. Anyway, there wasn’t anything I needed, but my other second favorite swimsuit was up for sale so I went and purchased it.

Something tells me my boyfriend may want it though. It was then off to check my actual island.

I never know how to take it when Kapp’n compliments me. Anyway, my Island had nothing good so I decided to at least go and do some tours. The Scavenger Hunt was there again 😀 Plus some new ones, so I went and did a few.
1. Bug Free-for-All Tour – 9 – Gold (8 Medals)
2. Fall Bug Tour – 13 – Gold (8 Medals)
3. Giant-Dragonfly Tour – 9 – Silver (14 Medals)
4. Shellfish Free-for-All Tour – 9 – Gold (6 Medals)
5. Elite Scavenger Tour – 3:08 left on the clock – Gold (16 Medals)
It was then time to go back and hope for more requests. And Dream Suite-ing :3

But first, I went to pick up my next Polar Bear and gave him another to do.

The next one shall be Blue Gingham Plaid.

I also decided to go ahead and have Saharah do the wallpaper and flooring on my other characters.
Emi received Bamboo Wall and Modern Wood Flooring
Seamstry received Lovely Wall and Classroom Floor
Sir received Sporty Wall and Mosaic Tile

After picking up my Blue Gingham Plaid Polar Bear, I gave Cyrus the last one to make using my character’s main dress.

Eclipsed then came over to drop off a Mermaid Closet for me–the last piece of the Mermaid set I needed 😀 Yaaay. And I also gave some sandals to Selaphi and my boyfriend came to steal my White Marine Suit as expected 😛

With the final Polar Bear done, I gave Cyrus the first Lotus Lamp. I plan to get one in each color–I think they will be nice in the basement room.

Then it was Dream Suite time 😀
Dream Address: 2400-0255-4927

I then paused to pick up my Blue Lotus Lamp. I then gave him one to make green. Then it was back to the Dream Suite :3
Dream Address: 2200-0548-2764 – cocoa Village

My boyfriend then decided to try and help me out to get closer towards the 100 visitor requirement to unlock the different Train Stations. I also picked up my Green Lotus Lamp and gave Cyrus the last one to make Yellow.

Joey then asked me to deliver something to Rocco. I received a Pear as Thanks.

Then, the final Dream Town of the day… Dream Address: 2600-0218-7298 – Aika Village….WHO PUT THIS ON MY LIST. I was actually planning to skip this nightmare of a town for reasons you will be seeing shortly. I don’t like horror, I get that the person put a lot of effort into it and stuff, but it’s just not my cup of tea. Figured since I’m already here, I may as well go through it… (I hate the Hypno song)

Oh look, Aika came to say Hi. The present was a Dolly. I’d find this adorable if I didn’t already know the horrors that lie ahead. Even my character isn’t happy. Anyway, I’m just going to take pictures and then share my two theories later.

So, I have two theories (Technically 3, but one is the popular one so it’s not really unique so I’m just going to focus on the two). There are similarities between the two, but that shouldn’t be too surprising.

More or less, obviously the first house is Aika’s birthday. She most likely gets a new doll and they are generally a happy family. Somewhere along the line, something happens and this changes… so:

Theory #1: The doll is possessed and thinks of Aika as its’ mother. Meanwhile, Aika is very close to her own mother and the doll is jealous. This would explain why the doll has an axe in multiple areas of the town. The doll repeatedly kills the dog due to it having Aika’s affection (2nd Aika)…this causes her innocence to be shaken (maze towards dog graveyard and 2nd Aika). Eventually, her mother is killed (Whether it be the doll or Aika possessed is another story) leading to Aika #3 as she continually loses it. Her dad buries the mother and the doll (or the fully lost Aika) kills him so she can officially have Aika to herself. Aika, seeing no other option and not wanting to be stuck with this doll (The practically worship room in the backroom of the last house), then goes into the ocean with her doll and commits suicide to end all of this. The crossing out of the drawings were done by the doll. (Other option: Dad gets killed before the mother and the build-up just causes her to lose it and kill her mother before the Doll does–or the doll does it all anyway. Could explain the Dad not being in one of the pictures (see below for more info).)

Theory #2 only has a few changes–mostly due to the room representing Adam and Eve. The statue of Venus representing Eve is the fake statue. In the story, Eve is the one that tempts Adam to sin and all the craziness that gets caused is due to her being tricked by the snake. So, other theory is Aika’s beloved mother actually goes and cheats on their father or does something (maybe drugs or something illegal) that causes her to start abusing Aika. Aika loves her mother and is confused to the point of a mental breakdown. Eventually, the mother leaves because she no longer cares for them and Aika completely loses it, kills her father, and commits suicide. (Maze would be still due to loss of her innocence–dog’s passing away would be to neglect). The crossing out of the drawings were done due to Aika’s breakdown.

There is, of course, the popular theory that the dad left which causes all the problems and the mother eventually kills herself (or dies due to an illness/being unable to take care of herself due to putting everything she can into Aika) with Aika following suit/killing herself after her mom dies/blaming herself. This would also explain the one picture in the book maze where the father is not in the picture.

(Left is without, right is with–both in different portions of the maze)

Personally, I just wish the person who made it would say 🙁
Note: For anyone else doing this, the Wet Suit is buried in a Present right near the bushes in front of House #2.
Some other trivia and things:
1. Aika is presumed to be the one who commits suicide as she is the only one to have red shoes. In the drawings, her mother has orange/brown and her father has black. In Japan, a person often takes off their shoes before committing suicide.
2. Red Carnations and Pink Carnations are given out for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day respectively in the games (Although, Korea also gets Red Carnations from Teacher’s Day). The flowers are mostly near the top when everything was okay.
3. The different ways Aika speaks (Which I didn’t include because they are Japanese anyway for the most part…) is normally saying “I love Mom”, oddly with the switching of Kanas–would be kind of like saying it like this: “i LoVe MoM”

NO, I DIDN’T SLEEP WELL, LUNA T___T I thought this was about sweet dreams! NOT EVIL NIGHTMARES.

Never going there again >< On the bright side... I picked up the final Lotus Lamp!
Out of stuff to refurbish now 🙁 (Although, I do have some that just need certain things to be done first…)

…Or at least I was…then I was hit with lots of mail which helped solve that problem 😛 I ordered some extra Rococo Dressers–at least one to be white, one to be yellow, and then one to be either of those two depending on what I need. Yay for more Rococo stuff~ Still need to get a Lamp though.

Then it was off to Blue’s for K.K. 🙂

I asked K.K. to play a song based on how I was feeling (since I can’t type anything…) and he picked Bubblegum K.K./K.K. Idol
Regardless, we had lots of fun.

Upon getting back to my town, I went and picked up my dresser and gave him the next one.

After picking it up, I wanted to give him the last one, but they closed… Shall just have to do it tomorrow then. And I think that’ll be it today….but first, time to give Ruby the Oak Silk Moth she wanted! She gave me a No.3 Shirt as Thanks (if only it was the No.4 Shirt T__T)

Anyway, I then did a little addition to the Bedroom… Big Thanks to Newt in the BellTreeForums Chat for the help <3

Edit: unfortunately, it seems tomorrow won’t be great as it looks like I officially have bad luck… 🙁

It seems it may be my socks T__T

Also, Kyle gave me a Future Tank… Cute line: “Just like you and I were destined to meet, this was meant for you”. Wish I got a screenshot.