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Day 15

Video Log: Twitch Part 1, Twitch Part 2
Re-Tail Sign: Cowrie Shell
Turnips: AM: 159 Bells | PM: 145 Bells

In contrast to yesterday’s bright blue sky, it is raining in Pink Sea today. It looks like 223 was my highest price, but that’s okay. Happy I sold them at Hanabi then~ Anyway, I received mail from Rocco and Katie. Got Ranch flooring from the former and a Digital Photo Frame from the latter.

For some reason, I am having an awful time with breeding Pink Lilies… I still have just my 3 on the beach 🙁

Anyway, since I made the Hot Spring before 6AM, it was completed today! I really should try talking to her after midnight to see if I can build 2 Public Works then… or at least definitely checking if it’s a holiday the day before.

Kiki then randomly gave me a Folk Shirt…was really hoping for a new Public Work request as there isn’t anything else I can make right now 🙁

I then headed to the museum to get my fossils looked at and well…

SECOND FLOOR BEING MADE 😀 And I promptly paid it off too <3

I also noticed I had Saharah today.

On my way to my house with her, I noticed Katie over. Shall have to take her over to someone’s town later.

The stuff I ordered had arrived as well so time for Polar Bear remaking today!

Anyway, after…lots of mail, I finally brought Saharah in to remodel.

I feel I should worry abut the sounds and shaking though. I received the Backgammon Wall and Diner Tile.

Joey tried to get me to trade a Lotus Lamp for his Donut Stool… I thought about it (due to some of the customizations), but I’d rather my lotus lamps right now. Anyway, bringing the Mama Polar Bear in…

It will be Pink Striped <3

So, I visited Nook’s to get my loan amount and check out his stock…

PINK WALL 😀 I immediately bought it. I then went and paid off my loan. I REALLY hope I can find someone on my list with the Pink Arched Door and Pink Roof (Quick tip: They actually have pink in the name–Fairytale Door and Fuchsia Roof are different items) so I can never have to upgrade on her again exterior-wise as I just need the space so desperately. Edit: Thanks to Junri, I got the Pink Roof! Just Arched Pink Door to go.

Random note: Katie’s “Yeeees!” when you use the megaphone is adorable.

“Of course I remember you, Katie!”

I really love Katie in this game, actually. She kind of reminds me of when I was little–I always begged my parents to travel. I brought her over to Jessie’s town.

Picked up my first Mama Polar Bear.

I picked the Collared Shirt for the next one.

Then, I received a few visitors 😀 My boyfriend brought over the Stately Wall, a Fireplace from Skcoddam, and Hibiscus Hairpin from Eclipsed.

Thank you all! <3

Thanks to lots of people, the bedroom is almost done!

Missing items are the Lily Record Player (to replace the Phonograph), Rococo Lamp (I’ll probably order a Lovely Minitable or whatever it’s called to put it on), Pink Bunny Balloon, Pink Heart Balloon, White Marshmallow Chair, Princess Cage, 4-Leaf Clover, Lovely Doll, and Pink Marshmallow Chair. Maybe some possible paintings or things as Wall Accessories (Like the Spring Blossoms Cover Art), but nothing too big. Also maybe one of those Wooden dolls. I’d probably use the Tea Set (from the Europe DLC) if I ever got one in either the Kitchen, Bedroom, or Main Room.

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