Day 43

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Video Log: Twitch Part 1, Twitch Part 2
Re-tail Sign: Walker Cicada
Turnips: AM: 55 Bells | PM: 74 Bells

So today was an early start as the weather stinks here lately. Regardless, I had mail waiting for me from Miranda due to visiting her house yesterday. She gave me a Blue Corner. Also, my stump trees had grown again so it was time to try once more…

Round 1: Fail 🙁

…and then I decided to test something.

Test succeeded, but Round 2: Fail:

Normally, I wouldn’t restart but getting Silver Axes sucks and I’m really getting annoyed at trying this…
Round 3: Butterfly -_-
Round 4: Redd’s Leaf
Round 5: Butterfly
Round 6: Redd’s Leaf
Round 7: Butterfly

…okay, this is ridiculous. Only 2/6 patterns are rare and the fact that I just keep getting one of those two seems really really odd. At this point, I just gave up, dug it up, and replanted :/

On my way to the other stump, I stopped by the Cafe. Dr. Shrunk was there.

Aww <3 Thankfully, the other stump was FINALLY the design I had been wanting for it!
Yay! Now to just hope I get that heart by my house…

After looking around for the last fossil, I decided to go celebrate the Flower Clock…

…when I was reminded I can’t -_- Will probably take care of it at midnight then. AND YOU ARE ONE TO TALK ISABELLE, YOU PRACTICALLY LIVE THERE 😐 WHEN YOU TAKE A VACATION, THEN YOU CAN TELL ME WHEN I NEED A BREAK. …ahem. sorry, I’m fine. >> Since the celebration will not be until late tonight now, here’s a lovely picture of it during the day:

It was then on to StreetPass.

I got ice cream and a pinwheel :3

I was then reminded that since today is the bug-off, I can only get the requests before it starts (or after it ends), since it is all they will talk about while outside…. I knew Kiki was up so I decided to try and get a request from her.

…Unfortunately, while I got a request, I was caught by Kyle slightly before Kiki noticed me :/

*sighs* This is the Giant Boot…amusing, but not anything I’m interested in having. :/ Guess it’s the Town Hall renovation tonight then.

With 9AM hit, it was time for my plan to commence…

Yep. I managed to get 110 Points–he gave me a Stag-Beetle Chair. I also gave him the Birdwing Butterfly, although, I didn’t expect it to be any better. Emi managed to get 138 for her Golden Stag and Seamstry managed to get 97 for her Horned Hercules so as long as nobody beats the 3 of us (or only gets 1st), we should be okay x-x

Anyway, I also had more mail now. Letters from Rocco, Ruby, and Kiki thanking me for my letters–the latter two gave me a Pear and Fancy Carpet.

And at 10AM, I finally found the final fossil so Yay. To be honest though, it’s hard to be motivated to go fossil hunting when you have them all @-@

As I wandered around trying to figure out what to do next after buying out shops, I ran into Phineas!

Yaaaaaay 😀

…Considering I’ve only been playing 43 days, I’m kind of feeling bad now >>

Well, that made me feel better <3
Now when people ask “how did you get *insertthinghere* already?!”…well, there’s your answer. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the writing badge, but considering how late that badge was, I’m going to give it a bit.

Also, thanks to Gina, I got to catalog lots and pick up some items I really wanted.

I do wish it was on better circumstances though 🙁

Pride Joke!

I don’t know if I’ll have many uses for this one.

Anyway, after sorting items around and actually getting Sir’s and Emi’s main rooms starting to look the way they are supposed to…

…I decided to update Dream Suite and take a break for a bit. I pretty much finished everything I wanted to do so I won’t have much to do until the award ceremony. I’d probably do some Dream Suite stuff, but sadly haven’t been feeling well 🙁

…wait, why have so many people visited o_o

T__T I want to visit all these people.

On a different note, I also got the final pattern in that I’ve wanted to:

So yaaay~

Upon starting back up, I decided to go to the island for a bit. My items were terrible, but maybe I’d have some luck on Club Tortimer. First island sadly didn’t have anything and the person didn’t seem to want to talk since they immediately ran out of the hut… But I realized that there were shells and fruits mixed with the flowers by the entrance to the beach and I thought that was kind of cool.

After staring at them for a bit, I headed back to try and get another island.

But first, Aeo invited me over for catalogging.

Yay for catalogging <3 (Thank you!) Refurbishing a Morning Glory <3
And now, more island attempts. Sadly, while I saw rare stuff, still not what I was looking for 🙁 However, finally…on an island with Tingle no less, I finally found it.

THE TREASURE 😀 (I “blame” Tingle)

Yaaaay~ Thank you Kotton from PortTown! <3 It was a pretty night on the island too~

Anyway, the Bug-Off had officially ended!

I also switched my hat back since I finished at the island and I didn’t have to worry about a tan now.

Before heading to the award ceremony, I went to pick up my Morning Glory.

I gave him a Lovely Dresser to do next.

Now…award ceremony time!

I won 2nd like I wanted to! And Emi and Seamstry won first and 3rd respectively which meant I had the other trophies as well 🙂 I think I’ll have Sir hold onto the first place–feel he could do something nice with it. Regardless, yay for all the trophies! Unfortunately, I will have to wait until tomorrow for the Bronze (and extra Gold) to arrive :/

After picking up the Lovely Dresser, I gave him a Mobile to refurbish.

I have another to give him after :3

Picking it up <3
The final item for my mermaid room~

A friend told me since he got a Perfect Town, he was able to get a request per villager… so I figured I’d do some testing. After trapping Ruby, it was time.

1. No alert…probably got too close. Astrid sold me a Game Shelf.
2. Ruby was too hyper again.
3. Nothing :/
4. Hyper once more…
5. Astrid asked if I think she talks about me behind my back.
6. Kyle asked what flowers he likes most

I decided to just stop for now at this point as maybe I need to remodel my Town Hall first (and finish it) as he said it happened for him after the remodeling… so shall try again tomorrow.

It was then time for Dream Suite :3
Dream Address: 1500-0339-2602 – Amedama Village

I really want the Snowman. and more ice lamps.

Pausing to pick up the other Mobile~

Now back to Dream Suite. Dream Address: 3500-0449-5311

That dress is cute~ Too bad I’m out of slots 🙁

Dream Address: 1000-0125-8435

Streetpass! 😀 I passed my aunt for the first time.

Nighttime is so pretty~

Zed then invited me to his other town for Weeding Day!

So excited T~T I managed to get an Azalea Stool! So refurbishing tomorrow. After the event, we helped Zed shake down his pear trees and put them into baskets :3 He let me have 10 and I helped cheer him on during the storage process. This sounds like a bigger deal if you saw the amount he has 😛

But yes, besides fishing at a friend’s town and doing some work on Seamstry’s home, that was it for today! Unfortunately, the midnight trick only seems to work if Isabelle is doing the event so it looks like it’ll be on hold… 🙁 *sighs*

Lovely art commissioned from Kaiami :3
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