Day 47.5

Posted by: | on July 25, 2013

Due to not being able to sleep too long last night, I actually played some minigames before the new day started. I did stop playing before 6AM though as I was hoping to start closer to 9AM as a quicker chance of running into Miranda and getting the Statue Fountain.

In the meantime, I decided to determine what I need to have placed before I get a new villager (*=I have the request):
1. Windmill
2. Geyser
3. Zen Bell
4. Fairy-tale Bridge (will be the FIRST thing I place when Astrid moves) *
5. Bell (second thing) *
6. Picnic Blanket

Thus why I may do Kiki last (even putting Rocco before) unless Phoebe suddenly mentions moving… But for now, I just want the Statue Fountain out of the way… because of time though, maybe I will just focus on Phoebe or Rocco :/ Then Miranda and finally Kiki. …I want that area done though *sighs*

Everything else requires someone to move first…:
1. Fairytale Clock – Phoebe
2. Flower Arch – Phoebe (it might be able to be placed without her moving though)
3. Police Station – Ruby
4. Reset Center (if I decide to build it) – Kyle
5. Water Pump – Kyle
6. Drinking Fountain – Buck

I will have to demolish the sign for the Circle Topiary, but considering I need to wait until April for that, I will hopefully have the villagers I want to keep in by then along with everything else built.

The only things that will not effect placement when placed is the Statue Fountain (I highly doubt any house can be placed there–would be too close to the train station or face board) so I could technically place that whenever… maybe I should save that for last ._. blah, decisions are hard.

Regardless, close to be doing done… 2 Facilities (with 1 still a maybe) and 12 Projects to go (2 of which are requested and one which I can’t get until Weeding Day -_-) so if I am lucky, I can get the 9 requested by early next month… Just need to hope things work well together T~T

The Reset Center should be fine to place later (as any house would be too close to the cliff once the Water Pump is in) so I’ll probably continue to have that as the last thing I place (not counting the Topiary since, well, April)…

…I will not time travel. I will not time travel. I will not time travel. >< If anyone has suggestions on what order you think would be good, let me know? Thanks <3

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