Day 53.5

Posted by: | on July 31, 2013

So, I did manage to accomplish some things…

1. A request I wanted! 😀

While I can’t build the Fairytale Clock yet, this means I only need one more thing from both Kiki and Joey or Jeremiah besides the 2 from Phoebe.

2. I managed to get 3 more tables which leaves me with 5… unfortunately, I need to sleep so bleh :/ Will have to hope they show up again.

3. I made sure to update my Dream Suite before I left and…

T~T 300?! Thank you Olivia from Willow for being my 300th Dreamer!

4. I forgot to order another Stained Glass Lamp to refurbish in Blue…must remember to do so later.

And that is it for this mini-update 😛 Well, to end it a bit more interesting, these are my badges at the moment!:

I’m at about 687 hours of playtime so yeah >>

(Also, thank you to those who mentioned Dream Villagers to me! While I sadly missed Merengue and Molly twice… I did get Peanut! So Thank you again to those who let me know and the person (I don’t know if she wants to be named ^^; ) I received Peanut from! It really means a lot to me <3 Just 6 to go: Merengue, Molly, Marina, Flurry, Diana, and Maple!) ----------------------------------- The finished art by thewriterandhermuse:

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