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Happy Bunny Day!

So, it is officially Bunny Day today 😀 With my town covered head to toe in flowers and the fact that I didn’t need anything, I really didn’t do the hunt (not that I really could because so many flowers), I still had fun hanging out.

The music is really nice too–quite relaxing.

Finally, some lovely sprites done by whimsy over on TBT 😀
jennifer_zps2548b364 jennifercrown_zpsa803af5f
Thank you again, Whimsy!

Art Spotlight!

I haven’t really had much time to play–at least not enough for anything significant to happen (I did stop Cookie from moving though) so not much to write, but I actually received the lovely figure I commissioned from Rez Army today. You may have already seen the post on Tumblr.


I’m beyond thrilled <3 I love it so much! And she goes so well with my Isabelle Nendoroid :3 Thank you for the wonderful job you did! 😀

Miiverse Interlude

So, with Miiverse all set-up, I decided to make my first 3DS MiiVerse post. Yay~

For those who don’t feel like going to the MiiVerse site:

Speaking of my awful art though, I received this amazing gift a while back from a friend of mine and I’m happy to finally be getting it uploaded!:

Day 73

Re-tail Sign: Carpet
Turnips: AM: 104 Bells | PM: 122 Bells

With no events going on, it was FINALLY time to celebrate.

The rain may have put a bit of a damper on things though. Fossil hunting went lousy as usual, but I managed to get another gold ore today which means I have 3 again to try for another piece of gold furniture. I also ended up finding a lost item:

It didn’t end up belonging to Marcie, Flurry, or Kiki so I will have to wait for the others to wake up.

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Day 57

Re-tail Sign: CD
Turnips: AM: N/A | PM: 47 Bells

Since Marcie is a Normal personality type, she is up at 6AM and thus I headed over to say Hi first thing.

Yaaay. Julian should also be showing up soon as he was the second one to look to move from Bellsy’s town. Just need Cookie, Flurry, and Peanut to move now! Of course, we still need lots of people to move here too. I figure Ruby, Kiki, Joey, Jeremiah, and Rocco are next @-@

Regardless, after saying good morning to Marcie, I proceeded to fall asleep. Upon getting up, I went and sold stuff to Reese and gave Cyrus another Donut Stool–this one to make into a Chocolate Doughnut.

As for Marcie’s house…

I told you I’d make it work.

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