Day 57

Posted by: | on August 3, 2013

Re-tail Sign: CD
Turnips: AM: N/A | PM: 47 Bells

Since Marcie is a Normal personality type, she is up at 6AM and thus I headed over to say Hi first thing.

Yaaay. Julian should also be showing up soon as he was the second one to look to move from Bellsy’s town. Just need Cookie, Flurry, and Peanut to move now! Of course, we still need lots of people to move here too. I figure Ruby, Kiki, Joey, Jeremiah, and Rocco are next @-@

Regardless, after saying good morning to Marcie, I proceeded to fall asleep. Upon getting up, I went and sold stuff to Reese and gave Cyrus another Donut Stool–this one to make into a Chocolate Doughnut.

As for Marcie’s house…

I told you I’d make it work.

Anyway, I then went to see Dr. Shrunk~

Sheepishness Joke. Tomorrow will be the last normal emotion I get and then dance time!

It’s actually really weird not having any Public Works to try and get anymore. Makes me feel like I have more time at least. I really should figure out more on how I want my alt houses to look. Of course, right now just thinking of Public Works is making me sad 🙁 *sighs*

After finishing off paying loans on everyone, it was time to pick up the stool.


I then decided to stream for a little bit since I hadn’t for a while (Unfortunately, Twitch was terrible today so the stream kept getting messed up :/). I had been invited for Hide and Seek and won @-@

I then decided to check the island for the day… sadly, nothing good :/ I also checked Club Tortimer for the first time in ages. Whoever was there left immediately when I arrived and well, nothing good was there anyway so I headed back.

After doing some furniture moving around, I headed to the Dream Suite to check out one dream…
Dream Address: 2300-2210-0862

And that was really it for today. I really hope The US gets the Pikmin house Spotpass too though!

The finished picture by Super-Donut!:

And possible future signature by me using said art:

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