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To give a little update and reminder :)

For those of you who are hoping for New Horizons content, I WILL be doing game play logs, videos, and streams like I did for New Leaf! But the game play logs/journals will be on my main site with main summary details over here instead of on this site (this is for New Leaf!).

I recently wrote another entry a few days ago about the main things I’m wondering with New Horizons less than 100 days away now.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing my best to get older videos uploaded from my streams that I managed to save before my old hard drive died. The last of which should be up by the end of the week.

I’m hoping to do a better job with uploading New Horizons stuff sooner. At the very least, the daily logs here will still be the main information for what I went through with my town! And I can’t wait to write, do videos, and do streams for New Horizons too.