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A Small Update!

I am currently writing up my feelings on the Nintendo Direct over on my main website, but I wanted to say I’m looking forward to writing some fun stuff about Happy Home here when it comes out!

Also, my final Dream Suite update should be up within the next 2 weeks. I don’t know if I’ll get all the badges by then, but I will try!

A Dream Village for today

It’s been a while so I’d figure I’d try and do some a Dream Village today.

Dream Address: 7100-3220-8666 – Termina

I had hoped to do more, but allergies sadly kicked in 🙁

Dream Village time <3

Dream Address: 4300-3221-7292 – Clue Village

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Day 178

It was snowing again today!

So exciting T~T (and I may have mistaken Flurry for a Snowman for a second)

I also had a Camper.

Hi Bruce.

Anyway, besides running around constantly in the snow, I then headed to the HHA to see if there was a SpotPass house today.

I was correct! And it seems like we’re inverted twins… (For those who do not speak French, she is saying Life is Beautiful) I then headed over to check out her house.

It was a nice and fairly organized house for the most part. It seemed fairly complete besides the upstairs.

After that, I headed to Dream Suite as the European/PAL Nintendo Dream Village had updated for the Winter holidays. I was excited to take a look.
Dream Address: 7900-2106-3477 – Nintendo Village (PAL)

SO MANY CUTE SIGNS. And the gems around paths! AND SO PRETTY. And I love the music when it is snowing.



It’s only the one house and the map being covered by snow (with some signs and stuff) for the most part change-wise. They still have some of their traditional Mario/Luigi stuff and the same Halloween things up (ignoring the map for the latter) if you haven’t seen those yet :3 Wondering if I should switch to the Winter Coat design I have for the month or not…

Seeing all those Pine Trees though really makes me want to plant some more… Unfortunately, I don’t have any clue on where I should place some more 🙁

Day 164 + 165

I really didn’t play much yesterday due to feeling kind of awful in multiple ways. Regardless, I did make sure I picked the game up today. My villagers were really big on favors today, though, I don’t know if I’ll manage to do all of them. Marina asked to visit my house at 5PM though and Peanut wanted a Cherry. Meanwhile, Molly wanted me to come to her house at 5:10PM.

The one thing I did do yesterday though was check out the new SpotPass house.

They seem to be every 2 weeks now which is kind of disheartening, but I am happy they are still going. The house was rather small, but the wallpaper and flooring were neat.

I then went to take care of some Dream Villages. I at least feel like I’m doing progress on the list.

Dream Address: 1700-0636-1626

I then stopped by Chananr’s to Catalog the Flamenco Hat <3
Thank you again, Chananr! :3

Then, back to Dream Villages <3 Dream Address: 7400-2454-7554 – Paradise Village

Dream Address: 8200-1635-0394

After finishing, I ran into Phineas!

FINALLY 😀 YAY! I spent the remainder of my time playing just staring at my shiny badges.

So excited T~T <3