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The Final Dream Suite Update

So, my town is done. While I have a few personal goals, when it comes to my town and island, there isn’t anything left to do. Below will be some of my favorite pictures plus a video of my full town tour.

Also, a big thank you to everyone who has visited! I was very surprised to see this when I updated:

And something not featured in the video:

I finished decorating my island! Yay!

Finally, a quick Q&A:
Does this mean no more updates?
No. While I will no longer be progressing date-wise in the game, I still have over 100 Dream Villagers I’d like to visit and now that I will no longer have to worry about villagers moving (due to no longer changing the date), hopefully I can start working on getting up one every so often.

I also plan to update for Happy Home Designer and if any brand new DLC ever gets added. Plus, any future Animal Crossing games will probably be here as well!

Plus, I still have some personal goals I want to complete :3 So still a few updates that could come eventually.

A Small Update!

I am currently writing up my feelings on the Nintendo Direct over on my main website, but I wanted to say I’m looking forward to writing some fun stuff about Happy Home here when it comes out!

Also, my final Dream Suite update should be up within the next 2 weeks. I don’t know if I’ll get all the badges by then, but I will try!

Finally another Gold Badge

So today, after many many many dreams, I finally received the Golden Dream Badge!:

I now have 4 Gold Badges left. The hard part is that I have no good way to keep track of how many I have to go which makes it a lot harder to be motivated. For reference, the ones I have left are the catching lots of bugs, fish, and diving creatures (5K for the first two, 2K for the last) plus the earning 5,000 medals one.

Some spotlights from the Dream Villages I visited:

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Day 17

Re-Tail Sign: Carpet
Turnips: AM: 98 Bells | PM: 90 Bells

Yay for mail~ One a surprise and one not so much.

Tammy had sent me a Ranch Tea Table as thanks for her birthday present and the other was the Star Globe that Mark made me order for him.

I went to throw some stuff into my Basement for now to at least get it towards it’s stepping stones. I’ll probably be upgrading it again as I really want to work towards how it’s supposed to look.

Flip had me deliver something to Astrid who had me guess on whether I’d receive anything–I failed (although, I did figure it was clothing–I just was really hoping for furniture). Blah. On the bright side, I found all 4 of my fossils relatively easily.

Anyway, then it was time to celebrate 😀

After the Ceremony, Kyle asked for any Fruit and Ruby asked for an Orchid Mantis… not sure if I will complete the latter, but Kyle gave me an Imperial Shirt as thanks.

I went and paid off my loan to Nook, but I’m going to hold off on seeing him for the next expansion in hopes I can find someone with a Pink Arched Door. I’ll do the expansion a little late.

After finishing at the museum (no new fossils 🙁 But bought some stuff at the Museum shop!), I headed to the HH Showcase. However…there was someone I didn’t recognize before.

It’s Reggie! 😀 Our first Spotpass house.

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