Day 142

Posted by: | on October 27, 2013

Due to being sick and my sleeping all messed up because of it, it’s a bit of an odd hour to be playing AC. Most of my villagers will be heading to bed, so I tried to be quick with checking on them. My villagers were rather quiet, but I did end up running into Phineas!


It’s so true too >> I might calm down with it… but considering I keep checking any items on the floor when my catalog is already set…

Besides running into Phineas, I also had a new camper today:

Poppy <3 Since not much else ended up happening though, I decided I'd go and take some pictures with my villagers for fun.

I unfortunately wasn’t able to catch Merengue, Flurry, or Maple before they headed to bed though 🙁 Shall hopefully catch them tomorrow <3