Day 26.5 + Some Blog Stuff

Posted by: | on July 4, 2013

Gonna get the blog stuff out of the way first… The catalog section is almost completely done. EVERYTHING is listed, but I haven’t checked anything off yet (due to the fact that my Nookling’s shop is closed at this time and thus, I can not check my catalog). Expect it to be checked off sometime tomorrow–speaking of tomorrow, Happy 4th of July everyone! <3 I am sad that fireworks aren't until August. XD To my surprise though, Matt invited me over to his Japanese town to catalog some things!
And if that wasn’t enough, it turns out it was set to be Tanabata today. I also was able to pick lots of weeds 😀

I actually really love Japanese events–ever since I had gotten a Hinaningyo back in the Gamecube version of the game, I had started to look up all kinds of Japanese festivals so it really excites me when I get to see one–even if it may not be in real life.

I also said Hi to Lucy 😛

Ruu actually invited me to her town Sunday (well, Saturday night for me) for Tanabata so I’m pretty excited 😀 Saturday will actually be a pretty busy day, but I’ll leave the reasons why for then!

But yes, the lovely Bamboo in the museum!:

So awesome <3

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