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On Happy Home Designer (and future AC titles)

So, after a bit of debate and a very close poll, I’ve decided the best way to do it is to actually post the actual content on my main website. Anything related to New Leaf will still be put here, but due to how differently Happy Home Designer works along with the fact that future games will involve a lot of re-getting items, the best way to do it for easier access and organization purposes is simply to have them on the main site–the coding would need a lot of rework otherwise.

The template page where I will have general statistics and screenshots has already started to be set-up and will be expanded upon as I find out more about the game.

That said, all posts will still be crossposted to the Tumblr blog.

Good news, Bad news

So, I’m happy to say my 3DS is back! So expect pictures again soon 😀

Unfortunately, allergies are incredibly awful this week and I haven’t even had the energy to play (thus, no entry yesterday) as I’m more or less running on empty. If they get better later, I shall hopefully write something up–otherwise later this weekend.

At the very least, I’m sure I’ll play Sunday regardless–I just hope I feel a lot better soon.

Wishlist/Goals is done!

Yep, the page is OFFICIALLY complete. Yay!

I’m sorry it took so long 🙁 It’s nice to have it finally done though!

If there are ANY questions about everything–let me know! Everything is mostly US names unless I couldn’t find the names of them which is mostly apparent in the “Misc.” section of Items and the “Edible” and “Toys” sections of Tools, Toys, and Nature.

As for what is most important to me… I mentioned it there, but anything with a * next to it is essentially the most prioritized! Anything with a ~ or ! is VERY low as I am probably planning to get them myself and it’s just there so I don’t forget what I need for it.

Regardless, if anyone wants to help or even try, I am happy just for the thought :3 So yes, thank you for caring! (And I also love catalogging so even if you have nothing you want to give up, if I don’t have it for my catalog yet, I’d be happy to pick it up and drop it back down! :P)

Also, thank you to Eclipsed and Thunderstuck for letting me visit for catalogging! <3

Day 26.5 + Some Blog Stuff

Gonna get the blog stuff out of the way first… The catalog section is almost completely done. EVERYTHING is listed, but I haven’t checked anything off yet (due to the fact that my Nookling’s shop is closed at this time and thus, I can not check my catalog). Expect it to be checked off sometime tomorrow–speaking of tomorrow, Happy 4th of July everyone! <3 I am sad that fireworks aren't until August. XD To my surprise though, Matt invited me over to his Japanese town to catalog some things!
And if that wasn’t enough, it turns out it was set to be Tanabata today. I also was able to pick lots of weeds 😀

I actually really love Japanese events–ever since I had gotten a Hinaningyo back in the Gamecube version of the game, I had started to look up all kinds of Japanese festivals so it really excites me when I get to see one–even if it may not be in real life.

I also said Hi to Lucy 😛

Ruu actually invited me to her town Sunday (well, Saturday night for me) for Tanabata so I’m pretty excited 😀 Saturday will actually be a pretty busy day, but I’ll leave the reasons why for then!

But yes, the lovely Bamboo in the museum!:

So awesome <3

Day 10

Before I start, I am happy to say Comments now work! Not sure when or how they broke, but yay for them working again.

Re-Tail Sign: Spider
Turnips: AM: 96 Bells | PM: 92 Bells

Mornings are a bit slow now in Animal Crossing with the only things I really need being out in the evening (although, I think I have an hour to find a Gar…but that’ll be the drive to work).


SO BUILDING THE DREAM SUITE. I pray I can open it up today, but I honestly don’t know.

But first! Water Well Celebration.

…Only Flip is up? My feelings feel hurt 🙁 And then Flip gave me a Relay Tank. Thanks, Flip.

TIME FOR DREAM SUITE. It is actually only 234K–cheaper than I expected so I should pay it off today! Tomorrow will be breaking in the Dream Suite (so I will probably attempt to stream it). Expect to see me for 50+ Dream Villages >3 if I have the like…25K+ to pay for them anyway.

Will have to sell things first though before I do… so still 45 minutes until Re-Tail opens 🙁

I stopped by for StreetPass (MORE BALLOONS)

…and then took a small break for the drive to work @-@

I found Katie in my town today.

On the way to take her to my mother’s town though, I spotted a fairly big fish…

GAR. 😀 YES. Now just the Tarantula to go! Looking forward to what I get from Katie tomorrow too.

I also found my first lost item today 😀 Yay.

You bet I’m a Detective, Joey. >3 It’s official now.

Ran into Pete~

Ruby wanted a Shark, but I told her no. I just need the bells too much right now 🙁 Also still need to find my last fossil. So, decided to take a quick pause from trying to find the lost item’s owner to donate to the museum.

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