Day 27

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Video Log: Twitch Part 1, Twitch Part 2
Re-tail Sign: Walking Leaf
Turnips: AM: 100 Bells | PM: 96 Bells

Was greeted to lots of mail… Finally caught up on it now so yay. It seems I hit 100K with the HHA which means I just have one rank left… maybe I’ll have a chance when my Kitchen is done/I have more stuff in my trophy room? I actually hit 500K with the theme challenge, but I’m going to end the theme challenge since it obviously doesn’t count towards the badge 🙁

Also got the wrong stump in front of my house again

I was REALLY excited when I read “Fairy-tale” and then upset when I finished.

Darn it, Kiki. CLOCK. You have to request the CLOCK. 🙁 I think the Streetlight is kind of ugly to be honest :/

My Silver axe broke 🙁

Thankfully, I do have a back-up.

FOJ:SFLKFS:LFSLslksdfk;lsa;lkfsa;lkfsa I managed to get the heart by the campsite and the Butterfly by my house. OTHER WAY AROUND GAME. >< Speaking of said campsite though, I had another Camper today.
Not interested in her moving in, but played a game.

My money tree was also unsuccessful 🙁


YES. My first gold badge! And now I never have to bother with turnips again. And he’s still going @-@

Looks like it DOES count. Wish I managed to get all 100 in one night then 🙁 Should have it this Saturday though! And finally, the last two badges..

DON’T WORRY PHINEAS. I WILL. I WILL KEEP UP THE DREAM! I may be overdoing it though:

Only ones I don’t have one at all of are the Weed Pulling, Sending Letters (should work on this :/), Streetpassing (I’ll have them eventually at least), and Dream Suite (I could easily get this done, but I haven’t had much time to go through my list lately).

Streetpass time 😀

No new items though 🙁

It was now noon, thus Shrunk time!

Sighing joke!

It was then time to do the other Faceboard. After about an hour, I finished!

Yaaay 😀 Celebration time now (hopefully with actual villagers)

Yay for people being there this time T~T

Also gave Cyrus a Ranch Hutch to refurbish as a break from all the lovely stuff. Still have more lovely stuff to do, but the Ranch Hutch will be made white~

Then it was finally time to work on clearing out the shops.

Picking it up :3 Gave an Alpine Lamp next, although, not sure if I actually have room for it to be honest…

On the bright side, the Kitchen is pretty much done and actually not a mess now:

Main thing is I need the Sweets Player (I will probably add another music player temporarily for now…), Chocolate Cake, Birthday Cake, a Bread Box, Sweets Lamp, and Sweets Mini Table. And maybe the Snowman Clock and a Snowman too.

I then went to work on my catalog checklist a bit. I managed to get furniture done, but the rest will take a bit… I recorded the list for now though so I can do it whenever. I also went to update my Dream Village @-@ Before I dump stuff on the ground for other characters to pick up. Apparently 90 people have visited so far. I wonder why.

Picking up my lamp~

Kiki then invited me over to her house.

I bought her shirt then left.

And Rocco wants to see my house at 6PM @-@ So I figured that gave me enough time to run to the island real quick. Thus, it was off to Club Tortimer. No good items, though, someone was there. They were just lurking by the door though…

I headed home shortly after @-@ And decided to try one more Club Tortimer go. I managed to find a Bottled Ship!

The person there was nice enough too (at first anyway), but I forgot you slide faster down the sad and accidentally scared away their beetle where I received a smack in the head with a net and despite apologizing, they were obviously really annoyed so I just left v-v Since I managed to get one of the items I’ve wanted while browsing Club Tortimer, I decided to take one more trip. Before adding back to the dock though, I decided to get some coffee at Brewster’s.

I can’t wait until I unlock the Part-time Job. On the next island, there was nothing special.

I did run into someone though, but I wasn’t able to stay long since my mom called asking for help with Redd 😛 With my trusty detective hat on, it was time.

She had two real pieces of art. I was then forced to put on some Varia shoes for catalogging a bunch of her stuff.

Then she forced me back home to order her things 😛 It worked out though as it was like 6PM so I went to meet Rocco.

He left after I showed him all the rooms.

After, I opened my gate up for my mom to pick up some stuff. And Jessie came to drop off a Cake Counter <3 And Gina came to drop off some bushes :3 After that, Carina and Blue stopped by for a catalogging party. It was then back to the island! Since I had to do a early leave on the final Club Tortimer run, I did one last check there. There was another rare/exclusive item, but just not one I needed. However, both Selaphi and Rainy did so I picked up 2--one for both of them. There was also someone there, but we didn't really talk...
The next I went to had a special Marine Suit. I knew my boyfriend would want it so I went to play some minigames to earn medals, despite my lack of headgear.

It gave me enough to get the wetsuit for him.

Yay~ I have no medals now though 🙁 So, it was time for another Club Tortimer trip… I made sure to change this time first though as I knew I’d be having to do minigames. With absolutely nothing special this trip though, I finally headed to my normal island.

Kapp’n is crazy. XP Anyway, I had nothing interesting on my island unfortunately (was really hoping for a treasure chest), but decided to go through the list in an attempt to earn back medals.

1. Easy Gardening Tour – 2:22 Seconds left – Gold (6 Medals)
2. Official Gardening Tour – First attempt was a failure since I had to look away and missed what he asked for… Second time, well… 36 seconds left – Bronze (3 Medals)
3. Elite Gardening Tour – 1:34 on the clock – Gold (12 Medals)
4. Reel-the-Eel Tour – 8 – Gold (6 Medals)
5. Market-Price Fishing Tour – 20,600 – Gold (8 Medals)
6. Shark-Battle Tour – 5 – 4 Medals
7. Easy Bug-Catching Tour – 10 – …I forgot to see, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t Gold XD and it’s always 6 medals on easy.
8. Bug Free-for-all Tour – 12 – Gold (8 Medals)
9. Pros Only Bug Hunt – 6 – 3 Medals
10. Easy Fossil Finder’s Tour – 4 minutes left on the clock – Missed it >>
11. Official Fossil Hunter’s Tour – 6:40 left on the clock – Gold (9 Medals)
12. Elite Fossil Hunter’s Tour – Over 5 minutes left – Gold (13 Medals)

After all that, I had made 85 medals (for 86 total now). Unfortunately, it then hit me I forgot to see Lyle to cancel the theme challenge :/ Will have to do cancel it tomorrow. I then stopped at TheLostEmpire’s town to buy the Sea Globe and Pink Roses they were selling me :3

Thank you again!

The Mermaid Room looks so pretty now 😀

Just missing those tubs. And then I grabbed the Aroma thingy to refurbish it.

Making it pink~

Then partied a bit at K.K. :3

Then it was finally time for Dream Suite-ness!
Dream Address: 5400-2180-2090 – Phoenix Village – This actually belongs to one of the watchers in the stream 🙂 Cultevel81’s village.

Dream Address: 6400-2260-7544 – Eutopia Village – Another village belonging to one of the stream watchers :3 This is Andiereaper’s town.

Dream Address: 1900-0958-9014

Dream Address: 3400-0247-4981

For the record, the stuff on the ground was all paintings, stuff that can’t be bought (either errorly like the lawn mower, special like the gold set, or older events like the Snow Bunny), and Saharah exclusives.

Dream Address: 3400 – 0431 – 3656

Dream Address: 1900-1121-6660

It’s so beautiful T~T *may do something similar in one of Emi’s rooms*

And that was pretty much it for tonight~ Now back to working on the catalog and wishlist…

Some random things before I headed to bed:

“Yes. Yes I do.”

Caught a Scallop which means…

I received a Ship Deck.

And my boyfriend came over to pick up his marine suit.

He was super excited.


Day 4! “You with Tortimer”