Day 55! – The first of August

Posted by: | on August 1, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Furniture
Turnips: AM: 117 Bells | PM: 92 Bells

So, the day started off with running into Katie. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how I ran into her in the first place.

Regardless, I was heading to my mom’s town to meet up with Imaginos for a fun catalogging session so I invited her to come along.

With that done, I went to go stop by the Post office as the new DLC for August was out!

Yaaay 😀 I don’t know if it works in the Space Room (Galaxies can be pretty colorful), but it was the only thing I could thing of.

I had a Camper today–was the first time I had one in a while.

I then had an even bigger surprise…


So, I had to get my iconic outfit… Good thing I was stopping by my mom’s town. Shall have Bellsy drop it off there. Regardless, despite the good news, I was having quite the problem with fossils and Gyroids–still needing one of each…so, I figured I’d just find them later and headed on my way.

With my outfit now on… it was time.

“Yay! I passed 😀 …Still just a Princess though. And a mayor I guess? Princess-Mayor?”

Also, I found this REALLY cute:


Anyway, August also brings new bugs and fish! …but most of my friends were in August so there actually isn’t anything I need. Regardless, I am still excited about being able to catch turtles–I need one for a room I am planning… >3

It was then time to try and get the final public work I need from Kiki again…
1. She asked for a new greeting.
2. Tried to invite me to her house.
3. Asked about what snack she’s like.
4. Kiki asked for a perfect fruit.
5. Caught by Rocco. He wanted new furniture. :/

I then took a small break to go buy out the stores and get some stuff done like seeing Dr. Shrunk :3

Delight Joke!

After giving Phoebe some medicine (and it looks like she will be back in good health tomorrow! I hope so), it was then back to Kiki.
6. Asked about my mood yet again…
7. She gave me a No. 5 shirt.
8. Flower types….
9. Snack Representations :/
10. Snacks AGAIN
11. She gave me a future tank v-v
12. Gave me a Regal Armoire
13. Flowers.
14. Swell Tee.
15. Cabin Wall.

At this point, I took another break as I wasn’t feeling well and felt like curling into a ball of frustration for a bit–plus I still need to do house expansions for the other characters so bleh.

After getting everyone paid off before Nook’s closed at 8, I proceeded to start some Stained Glass refurbishing–one more for the church and one for the space room. After picking up things on other characters, I made sure to update Dream Suite and then it was time to try and get the Drinking Fountain/Water Fountain from Kiki again…

16. A request! But the wrong one :/

Time to start over…
17. Flower types :/
18. Another request… also wrong

19. She escaped -_-
20. Talked about making Rainbow Sherbert.
21. Another flower fortune
22. About making Minestrone
23. Flowers AGAIN.

…*sighs* I will probably stop soon so I shall just edit this if some miracle happens.

Art Selaphi did for my birthday 😀

And had lots of fun with this adorable dress-up maker! 😀

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