The “I want to play with friends again” Update – Please vote on the poll

Posted by: | on August 2, 2013

I just missed playing with people and was sick of being in lockdown, so I decided to do one time travel to get these public works. I didn’t do anything else (So I still need 2 more emotes before Dr. Shrunk’s dance and I didn’t shop at all) as that’d be a bit much–just what I had to do to play with friends.

So, Geyser celebration!

And then, it was lots of attempts to get a Picnic Set from Phoebe. To my surprise, after just 3 attempts and my first request…

Yay! …however, I was then in for a horrible surprise. Originally, your original bridge did not count. I guess this was fixed as I was not allowed to put the Picnic Blanket down as I already had “30” projects.

I don’t know what I’m going to remove… For now, I demolished my first sign earlier than expected, but I’m kind of at a loss here :/

For the record, these are my public works–both built and planned:
2 Stone Bridges
1 Fairytale Bridge
1 Street Lamp
1 Illuminated Heart
1 Park Clock
1 Fairytale Clock
1 Flower Clock
1 Metal Bench
1 Picnic Blanket
1 Flower Clock
2 Faceboards *
1 Sign *
1 Water Pump
1 Drinking Fountain
1 Water Well
1 Geyser
1 Hot Spring
1 Bell
1 Zen Bell
1 Instrument Shelter *
1 Zen Garden
1 Jungle Gym
1 Fountain
1 Lighthouse
1 Windmill
1 Stone Tablet
1 Statue Fountain
1 Cube Sculpture
1 Topiary *

* = What I’m leaning towards removing

As for why each of those are possibilities:
1. Sign – I have welcome mats so I guess it’s a little redundant even if I like it.
2. 1 of the 2 Faceboards – I’d have to move things over and stuff but… :/
3. Instrument Shelter – I don’t use it much anyway so… Even if I do like it and think it looks nice.
4. Topiary – I can’t even get it until April so scrapping it altogether would mean no demolishing besides a temporary sign… but I find it really cute ._.

I just feel…super broken I guess. Regardless, upon going back, I went and placed and paid off the Picnic Blanket…

And here’s a poll… (Click here for pictures)

As stupid as it is, I’m on the verge of crying over this. It’s like I wasted all this time. I feel so stupid.

Oh, and I had a Camper.

And farewell, Miranda.

3 Comments  to  The “I want to play with friends again” Update – Please vote on the poll

  1. avatar Jennifer says:

    The instrument center isn’t very helpful. It may be cute, but as far as predicting the weather…not so good. That’s my vote. 😉

    • avatar Jennifer says:

      Yeah, I mostly just liked the design–thought it’d look nice amongst the flowers and it reminded me of the thing you could put Pokeblocks on in the Safari Zone. 🙁

      Just ugh. I mostly want to slap whoever changed it by this way T___T

  2. avatar Pink Sea says:

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