August, 2013

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Day 85

Re-tail Sign: Tiger Beetle
Turnips: AM: 67 Bells | PM: # Bells

Unfortunately, allergies are still awful which means it’ll be another entry like yesterdays. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better soon 🙁

-Got a Shamrock Clock from Gulliver and a letter from Peanut.
-Doesn’t look like anyone is moving today 🙁
-Ordered some Dreamy Tees to try and get Flurry to wear them.
-Marcie had my deliver something to Kyle.
-Kyle sold me the gift… It was a Yellow Tartan Shirt. I still needed that so yay!
-Julian wanted an Apple. I gave him a perfect one and he gave me a Garden Gnome…
-In the first time in what feels like forever, I ran into Phineas!

-I got the Silver Writing Badge! I wish I had gotten more too though 🙁

-More mail. Got letters from Cookie, Molly, Marcie, and Flurry. Marcie sent me a tent wall and Flurry sent me a Dark Polka Shirt.
-Stopped by Zed’s to drop off the Afternoon Tea Set for him. We also went to the island for minigames.

-Catalogging party at Rainy’s! 😀

Day 84

Re-tail Sign: Peach
Turnips: AM: 82 Bells | PM: # Bells

Due to today going kind of iffy, this is going to be a quick summary compared to usual:
-Received 4 Letters: A Dolly from Wishy, the Statue I got from Redd for my boyfriend, a Lovely Love Seat from Diana, and a Bamboo Shoot from Molly.
-I saw another Silver Slingshot go by and just ignored it as I wanted to check on all my villagers.
-Cookie asked me to bury a Time Capsule for her.

-I headed down and jumped off the Cliff into the water to bury it on the beach. Sadly, there is no cliff climbing in this game, so I took the long way back up and ran into Gulliver along the way. He is now back on his way to Ireland.
-Ordered Molly a Rococo Dresser, Sofa, Bed, Shelf, and Wardrobe. Will have to refurbish later.
-Doesn’t look like anyone is moving.
-Found an Elegant Mushroom next to the Camping Stump today
-Catalogging. Thanks to everyone who helped T~T
-After taking a break for a bit due to work and feeling terrible, I loaded back up for a surprise–a mail from Nintendo O__o

*opens* …


-Mikayla stopped by to drop off stuff and pick up her tea sets! <3 Thank you again, Mikayla T~T -Found a roof that I think may look nicer than the white so going to have Seamstry use that instead which means all houses are now done! -Dropped off Tea Sets for Ruu as well! <3 Thank you for gifts! T~T -Then it was just refurbishing, catalog research, and some more fishing on Emi @-@

Day 83

Re-tail Sign: Horned Atlas + Apple
Turnips: AM: 60 Bells | PM: 139 Bells

So, it was another foggy-cloudy kind of day out today, although, I’m going to leave my Detective Hat on for now… I ended up having a camper today as well.

Hi Peck.

Zed invited me over to make a wish on a star as he was having a Meteor Shower

😀 I love the stars in this game–they are so pretty.

I made a MoriDB list with the items I still need to Catalog (Minus DLC not yet out and Tops) due to name changes in different languages so figured it could help if there were images. I will add tops and make a wishlist for items I want soon <3

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Day 82

Re-tail Sign: Headgear
Turnips: AM: 363 Bells | PM: 172 Bells

Well, firstly, September’s DLC item was announced!
The Full-Moon Vanity (Japan will also be getting the Shaved Ice Lamp next month–it’s nice to see everyone getting the DLC!) I expect this to be for everyone, but the US twitter and website seem to be a bit behind @-@ In fact, the Rainbow Screen and Palm Tree Lamp are still up on the Website… never got updated with August’s Fireworks Table. And the US hasn’t done anything like the UK’s giveaways… Anyway, I expect the Pile of Leaves to be October’s item with November starting the Zodiac set. I’m not sure when the Hagoita or Rice-Plant Bed will be given out, but I’d expect the Kadomatsu would be given out around New Year in Japan in a similar way to how the Turkey and Yule Log were given out near Thanksgiving and Christmas respectively. Kimbap Plate and Tteok Plate are others that I’m not sure when it will be given out, but I expect it to be given out in a similar sense–just for Korea. Of course, they could possibly be handed out like the Top was too. I would expect the Red-Horned Hat, School Cap, and White School Cap to be more like the top though. I think the other Europe DLC will be a continued Nintendo Zone/GAME Promotion once their current ones end.

Also, thank you to Mikayla for the heads up <3

Anyway, Molly should officially be moved in now (well, unpacking boxes…) so I ran over to greet her.


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Day 81

Re-tail Sign: Fruit Beetle
Turnips: AM: 40 Bells | PM: 144 Bells

It was rather foggy ingame this morning…

I wonder if it’ll rain.

It turned out to rain a bit at the 8AM hour, but since I loaded it up shortly before 9AM, it didn’t last very long. It’s still cloudy though so I expect it to rain again. In the meantime, Julian ended up wanting to go to my house again…

Seriously, I feel like my house has become a giant tourist attraction to my villagers.

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