Day 19

Posted by: | on June 26, 2013

Re-Tail Sign: Giant Snakehead
Turnips: AM: 56 Bells | PM: 104 Bells

Today started out a bit late which always stinks during a game with real time. I was greeted with mail containing my glass display cases and Astrid walking all over my property. And rain. again. When you’ve caught everything you can during the rain and most stuff only appears when it’s not raining, the rain can be quite frustrating. It’s also messing with my pink flower breeding.

Anyway, I headed off to start my chores and was greeted by Joey who wanted me to bury a time capsule.

I put it on the beach.

On my way back to him, I found a lost item!

It turns out it belonged to Kiki–the poor Kitten who lost her mitten.

I then went to pick up my Chaise Lounge.

To be honest–the pink doesn’t look that nice.. I expected a lighter shade :/ I’ll probably change it back to White.

For now, I gave him the Apple TV to make Ruby.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking of possibly deleting and recreating Sir. My boyfriend ended up getting the same face as him (despite debating on getting a different one) and it’s just kind of weird. I haven’t spent much money on him, but I’d be worried about losing the house placement/possibly not being able to put it there now and it would just be annoying to recreate.

Apparently there will be a sale at Timmy and Tommy’s shop at 5PM…I will probably buy everything before that though. Unless there’s new things on sale then. I’ll check at least.

Anyway, only one of the 4 fossils were good and none were Apato so that stunk 🙁 The fossil I got did complete another Dinosaur though so yay. Also, thanks to the Glass Cases, my Plants and Minerals exhibit is coming together a bit more.

Just need to get a few more flowers and the proper wallpaper and flooring.

I then went and saw Nook to pay my loan…and remembered I should probably work on sorting out my Basement’s layout. After paying off my loan, I went and asked my Trophy Room to get bigger. I should go order more Rococo Dressers…

It was then onto Streetpass (while also buying out some stores) where I was surprised to see Reggie again!

I received Vanilla Soft Serve from Mark and a Red Balloon from Reggie. I went and ordered a few more things from Reggie. Note to self: Order Watering Trough from Upstairs first tomorrow.

Miranda tried to move… I got her to stay. Wish Astrid was the one who wanted to. :/ Or Kyle–I do still need the Cube Sculpture and I don’t mind him, but I should be unlocking the Cafe soon and I just can’t have him staying around. I then noticed Katie over in my pink roses. Since I needed to go to Blue’s town anyway, I decided to bring her with me.

Blue had pink flowers and bushes for me <3 Plus fortune cookies since I have no Play coins on this 3DS 😀 She let me go shopping in her town too so I had fun buying things. Hopefully the extra pink lilies will help mine start making more... My Ruby TV~
I gave Cyrus back my Chaise Lounge next to make it white again. I actually have 4 other things for him to refurbish now so I just hope I get to all of it. After picking it up, I went and gave him my Lovely Kitchen next.

I’m making it Pink and White.

I then took a break from decorating (which isn’t going nearly as well as I hoped) to pick it up.

So pretty~ I gave him the Alpine Dresser to make Dark Brown and with a Pattern.

Semi-done Mermaid Room:

There’s still several things I need (Like the Water Trough, Sea Globe, Sand Castle, and the Merlion and most of the fish stuff) to complete it–plus I’m getting a Regal Table to put some stuff on… but I just need to make more room for it in general. I wanted to put the Mermaid Statue too, but I’m pretty sure that won’t be fitting there. Not the end of the world though. I see myself playing around with the room a lot though.

I then headed to Re-Tail to pick up my Alpine Dresser.

Cuuute~ I then dropped off my Gachapon Machine (Capsule-toy Machine). I’ll probably order more at some point to keep as is and also get in green…maybe some other colors.

It was then off to the island to check the items out today. First stop, as usual, was Club Tortimer.

Once again, no good items… I ran into someone named Andrew from Florida though. It was then back home to head to my own island… but first Mark opened his gates for me to drop off some of the stuff I got him. Stephen, a friend we bought the game for, also came over.

It was pretty stormy so I dressed a bit more appropriate.

We then headed to the island 😀 We caught stuff and then it was TOUR TIME 😀

1. Dragonfly-Discovery Tour – 24 – Gold (6 Medals) – I got a bonus of 3 medals 😀
2. Hop-To-it Tour – 22 – …I actually didn’t pay attention XXD – I got a bonus of 2 Medals :3
3. Easy Balloon-Hunt Tour – 155 – Gold (6 Medals) – I got a bonus of 3 medals~
4. Official Balloon-Hunt Tour – Over 100 but less than 150 XD – I forgot to watch >> – Bonus of 1 T__T
5. Elite Balloon-Hunt Tour – 92 – Bronze (5 Medals) – Bonus of 1 which is probably because after we hit like 70ish, I was like “no” and went to go catch things instead.
6. Easy Labyrinth Tour – I had to get 5 Oranges, Mark needed 5 Lychee, Stephen needed 5 Coconuts… I think we had like 1:20-something left on the clock – Silver (4 Medals)

7. Official Labyrinth Tour – 1:20 left on the Clock – Silver (5 Medals) – Mark needed 3 apples and 3 Oranges, Stephen needed 3 persimmon and 3 coconuts and I needed 3 pears and 3 mangos.
8. Master Labryinth Tour – We failed XD
9. Sea-Urchin Diving Tour – Failed again

Sooo cuuuute~

12. Elite Scavenger Tour – 2:20 on the Clock – Gold (16 Medals)

After heading back to my town, I ended up running into Pete!

Time really does fly…so little time to work on patterns now 🙁

Anyway, I went and picked up my Gachapon machine which finished up everything I had to customize today.

…Or well, did! I received mail 😀 yaaay. I’ll be getting one Rococo Dresser in White and 2 in Yellow.

I then realized it was past 5 so I went to see what the sale was. Unfortunately, they didn’t stock anything and I already bought everything earlier… Thus, it was time for patterns. And I’m officially convinced Astrid is stalking me (please leave or suggest a Statue Fountain and leave).

I managed to finish all the water paths, the middle of the Welcome sign, the vertical bridge, and 3/9 of the normal Paths… I’m actually in the Able Sisters though so even if I can’t pick up the designs on my other characters, I may make them all and just display them tomorrow… Unfortunately, the 3DS I am using still has some charging issues so I was unable to do them all 🙁

On the bright side, my 3DS should be back tomorrow! 🙂 YAY! But for now, it’s time for Scarab Beetle Hunting… It is one of the things I need next month and I found out I could catch it this month on the island so I am ready to try >3


Walking Leaf – 8AM-5PM (Ground)
Evening Cicada – 4AM-8AM, 4PM-7PM (Tree)
Cicada Shell – All Day? (Tree)
Scarab Beetle – 11PM-8AM (Tree)
Scorpion – 4PM-4AM (Ground)

Arapaima – 4AM-9AM, 4PM-4AM (River)

Horseshoe Crab – 9PM-4AM (Diving)

(If any of the times are wrong, let me know!)


It was very pretty tonight. My items had also changed over–they still sucked. I’ll do minigames tomorrow though. I had to pause from my hunt (after failing once due to a butterfly) after the 3DS was having issues again.. thankfully, my boyfriend let me use his so I could continue, but first, I stopped at Happy Home Showcase.

I got a Blue Heart Balloon <3 Anyway, since the items had changed on my island, I decided to stop briefly on Club Tortimer. There wasn't anything good, but I ran into someone from Japan for the first time.
That kimono is so pretty.

Someone else also popped in as well, but I took my leave not too long later. …And then decided to try something I kept forgetting to. I’ve heard that Club Tortimer items change per trip and that they don’t change per trip so I decided to experiment! Conclusion: If you are the first there, they are always the same, but if you are not the first there, they vary.

I did try again and this seems to be accurate. I finally got my own island on Club Tortimer and decided to do my own kind of test for the Scarab Beetle…so I did a reverse money-making scheme. I cut down every Palm Tree, all but 1 normal tree, and removed the bushes and flowers. I would get that Scarab if it’s the last thing I did. …unfortunately, someone appeared before I finished. And then immediately left. O__o So I went back to work… it’s a shame–I would’ve liked to say Hi.

With the island free…it was time. It was then someone else appeared… I would’ve done the tour with them, but the “leaving soon” is more like “leaving in 2 seconds” and thus, was gone by the time I entered. Then someone else arrived though. And this time I actually got to say Hi.

Regardless, they just stared at me so I headed back to Scarab Hunting. They eventually did speak so I’m guessing they had some issues with English. Unfortunately, I do not know Japanese and only know tiny bits of it with Roman characters 🙁 So I apologized that I could not speak Japanese and said that I can not…in Roman characters. At least I hope that’s what I said. They said my Japanese was good… I repeated I can’t speak it but thanked them anyway. I think I was confusing them. Gomen nasai 🙁 Regardless, we then started speaking in English a bit… and then said bye. Then an Australian person appeared @-@ They didn’t stay long though.

Another person then showed up… and didn’t stay long either. And then another…who said nothing and just went on a tour. Meanwhile, I tried to play Scarab Beetle summoning music. It didn’t work. It did cause someone else to show up though.

They also left rather quickly. …Someone else finally did come, but it seems they had bad internet and thus, disconnected. Thankfully, it saved when they entered…not like I got anything anyway. At that point, I just headed back to my own island.

Over 2 hours and no luck. I did make Leila happy with all my fruit beetles though. (For the record, Leila gives you 5% of their sale price)

Finally…after another hour or so…

YES. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. *DONATES, PARTIES AND THEN PASSES OUT BECAUSE IT IS 4:24AM* (for the record, the music at 4AM is quite pretty!)

And I will end this entry with this image that will not make sense to anyone besides Blue and Selaphi:

(yes, it is supposed to look that terrible)

And then Selaphi did her much better drawn version of it:

(and of course this has been added to the fanart section)

(More or less, when you are on a different 3DS, people have to re-approve you as a Best Friend. They must do this on EVERY 3DS you switch to (if you switch back to an old one, they will have to re-do it for that old one) thus I mentioned how I was technically on, just there’s no point in approving it when she’d just have to again when I have my 3DS back tomorrow and this happened :P)